Saturday, 30 January 2016

Seymour saves the day

Ooh a really long lie-in. Bliss. Shower, breakfast and a sit and knit while the males tried to find the Stoke game on the TV or radio. Unfortunately they couldn't so the boys played on the Wii while Huffle cleared the drive. Smallest tried to find a white tee shirt so we could print on it but we had none so that will have to wait for another day.

MrBasement went and looked at the piano today and has decided he will fetch it tomorrow with the help of a friend, his son and grandson. Either Huffle or I really need to be there too to help but I'm not sure which of us is fitter (my dodgy shoulder and his back and hamstring!). Huffle and I played Catan online and then we had a quick lunch before Huffle took Smallest to his one hour football practice followed by a one hour game. We personally think this is too much and Huffle attempted to talk to the other parents to see how they felt.

Small and I stayed behind and played Thurn and Taxis. He won but it was a good game, one we haven't played for a long time so it took a bit of time to get back into it. After sorting some washing and stripping beds, I played on the Wii with him. It was funny.

I spent a long time clearing and cleaning the sun room so we can get the piano through there tomorrow. Small finished his homework. Big and Smallest came home, not many of the parents were there so there wasn't much discussion today. Thankfully, the practice wasn't full on but Smallest was tired when he got back. Huffle, Smallest and I played SkipBo and Small played on his tablet.

After a relaxing Saturday afternoon, we all went out for dinner. We took a pack of cards and played Fish. Back home the boys watched TV, Huffle played on the Wii and I carried on knitting my hat and watching the Gilmore Girls (it's my new favourite thing to watch, though I don't really watch it, I listen to it).

Huffles hamstring is looking extremely sore! The boys throats are not so sore anymore, only when they sneeze, yawn or cough. Mine too.




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