Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Tap and a Paco

I slept better but we were woken by a train at 2:30am which meant Huffle then didn't sleep much. A huge long big noisy train honking its way brought our sleepy Hamlet. BOOOOOO!

Today MrBasement appeared at 8am and neither of us had had breakfast and Smallest was still cleaning his teeth and getting his stuff together. After Smallest went to school, I made a start on the baskets for the drawer next to the oven. This proved trickier than I thought but I did it anyway. Then I started on the second lot of baskets which proved much trickier as these are next to the sink and they didn't open correctly. MrB had to move the sink over slightly and then I had to spend forever trying to move the fixings inside. Huffle came and helped and we sorted it in end.

There was more washing up in the little bathroom sink. MrB got the microwave hooked up and modified the cabinet as it sat in front of a small pillar (lot of extra cutting WHOOPS). We all stopped for a quick lunch and then Huffle worked in the bunker, MrB went out for supplies of wood and plumbing supplies. I built the drawer under the microwave cabinet but it needs a bigger front or a shelf fitted. Mrs Royal visited to see how we were doing and that's when we realised IKEA had given us the wrong tap so we checked a local place, MrB called them and reserved it and Huffle went and picked it up. So we still don't have a tap, sink or dishwasher fitted BOOOO. Huffle did get the new tap and it's very nice so should be in tomorrow.

MrB put up the cooker hood and helped me out when I got stuck many times. Tomorrow the Granite people are coming to template between 8am and 12am. We are ready but still have a lot of things to be getting on with but it is getting there. MrB left us around 4pm when Smallest came home and helped me build another drawer and correct another track. He is very handy with a screwdriver and picking up little screws that we drop.

We all made pizza for dinner and watched a film. Small called us from Quebec to let us know how he was getting on. That was nice. He is loving the place, had a two hour snowboarding lesson today, doesn't like Cross Country Skiing and might be going skating or tubing tomorrow. The beds are not comfy and he is in a room with his best friends in bunk beds. Glad he is having a good time.



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