Saturday, 23 January 2016

Return of the prodigal son

Not a very good nights sleep for Huffle as his hamstring was giving him trouble. He came downstairs during the night and said the house was freezing. I think I slept okay until around 6am and then I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my head, my nose was blocked and I couldn't stop sneezing. In the end I gave in and got up. Smallest was just getting up too and he sat and watched TV while I tried to wake myself and get rid of the elephant.

This morning I left Huffle and Smallest at home watching the football. My Leicester City versus their Stoke City. Unfortunately I couldn't watch it as I had to be at my monthly sewing group. But I kept an eye on my phone and was very happy to see that we won 3-2. Funnily enough I had no messages from Huffle or Smallest - they were very quiet. Ha ha ha ha ha! Up the foxes! I didn't do my sewing for this month and was supposed to have paid my $10 penalty for not doing it but she let me off. I now have two squares to get done for next month. A Christmas Tree from last month and a snowflake that looks very difficult for this month. I may need Suffolks help.

36 little pieces plus a circle in the middle you can't see

Suffolk and I went for a coffee afterwards. In fact we had so much to talk about (we haven't seen each other since before Christmas) we had two drinks. It was nice to catch up and we are going to get together again next week for a sew and a cuppa. I came home in time to see Smallest and Huffle just go off to football. There was no proper game today, just an inter team game. Huffle thought that Smallest was tired looking and not playing at his best but the game was long and they only had a short break.

I stayed at home and had lunch and put some things away in the kitchen, put up the calendar and some pictures, add a couple more rails for the drawers. Before I left this morning I asked if Smallest's bed could be stripped. This is now done weekly to help him with his Dust Mite Allergy. Do you know what they did? They took the sheets off and rolled them to the bottom of the bed on top of the duvet still with its cover on, on top of the pillow with its pillowcase still on. The pair of dufuses. I washed, dried and folded, emptied and filled the dishwasher and generally tidied around. I got the radio and IPod hooked up and listened to music while I worked. Before I knew it, they were back.

Huffle and I went through all the pieces of the kitchen that were left and decided what was going back, what was missing and then got rid of all rubbish and sorted all the screws and fixings that we had over. We finished building the last four drawers, got the rails on and the drawer fronts. I don't know how but we seemed to have the hardest one till last and we were desperate to sit down and have a cup of tea by the time we finished. All done now as much as we can until our next visit to Ikea anyway.

In between, we played 'Newmarket' and Smallest won. We had a phone call from Small telling us he would be home around 8pm. Huffle picked him up from school. He wasn't feeling too well which I'm not surprised with because he doesn't travel well and it was an eight hour bus ride. Four films and one stop on the way. He had a fabulous time. Snowboarding, cross country skiing, tubing, snow shoeing, eating, playing, singing, using the French language and winning some Maple Syrup Fudge for excellent speaking. All the kids behaved well and were thanked by the teachers for their perfect manners and behaviour.

I think Huffle and I finally sat down in front of the TV around 9:45pm. Tired zzzzzzz



Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Hurrah for Leicester!

AA said...

Welcome home Small. Next trip London?!!...


famfa said...

Yay xx

famfa said...

I'll ask the school - maybe I could volunteer for that trip xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the new kitchen. I've been painting bedroom doors this weekend while Andrew worked in the not yet finished bathroom! Yikes, it goes on and on!! I need to beg your forgiveness as I won't be leaving Potterville any time soon, I had decided I would, but then AR passed and he was a favourite actor or mine long before HP, so I'll be knitting an HP tribute sock for Feb!! Just letting you know!!


famfa said...

Thanks Brenda. I forgive you. I too am a huge AR fan, what a fabulous actor he was. I look forward to seeing his sock