Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Three whistles get a drink

It snowed more in the night and we had a good covering in the morning. The drive was full again. The bus was running and came on time so the boys went off to school as usual, but not before they had written 'you smell' on Huffles windscreen.

Moo and I went off to aerobics. Bearing in mind last week was a new start to the sessions and we started a new routine, I really struggled with it today. I am obviously the type of learner who needs to know the order of things. I got very confused during the routine until I asked where was the start and the end (because it loops on and on and on). I think she starts us with a simple routine of a warm up which is part of the whole thing and then adds things in. It was very hard today especially as my shoulder is giving me trouble still and Moo's knee was hurting. We still had a laugh though.

Back home we had showers, coffee and then put the meat chilli in the crock pot (slow cooker) for the rest of the day. We had lunch with Huffle who had cleared the drive in between calls and emails. We watched a bit more of Grand Designs Abroad.

This afternoon Moo and I also made a veggie chilli for us later. There was a lot of chopping and peeling. I didn't make ours too hot as Moo isn't used to it (but it was very yummy). We fit in a couple of games of Skip-Bo and then the boys came home and we went off to the hairdressers. The boys and Moo had their hair cut and then we came home and had dinner.

The boys had a quick game on the Wii while we cleared away and then Moo and I took the kids to basketball leaving Huffle home for three while hours of peace. He built a cupboard and had a bath to soothe his 'shovel shoulder'. In Smallest's class there were 18 kids and I am guessing they won't all stay for the full eight weeks. The two dufus brothers were back again but this time less annoying. Smallest did very well and had a very good run around. Small's class was only eight with three others returning from last year. They worked really hard and the coach got Smallest to play with them too for a while. Moo enjoyed the session despite it being really cold in there (she thought the players created a lot of draught as they ran around).

KITCHEN UPDATE: Our quote for the granite came back at a good price but after looking at various reviews we decided not to go with them. MrBasement fell out with his supplier so he didn't get a quote. We have contacted another local supplier today and will hopefully have a quote by the end of tomorrow. Only three cupboards left to construct now. Desperately need to get the granite sorted though.


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