Thursday, 14 January 2016

Uba Tuba

Tiny bit of snow fell overnight but the school bus wasn't cancelled and the kids went off to school. Moo and I left Huffle working and decided to go and do some birthday shopping (Smallest's and Huffles). We drove to the big sports shop as Smallest wanted a Boot Bag for his football boots but we couldn't find any, though the lady on the checkout was very nice and gave us a free bag for boots which will do until we find a proper one. We got Huffles present and I got myself some lovely warm mittens for the very cold in the sale and some warming socks that will fit Small, Huffle and me. We can share them. In another shop we managed to get Smallest a rucksack for school as his is starting to fall apart. He actually asked for one for his birthday which is sweet as I would normally just buy them one when they need it. He loves it and says it is perfect.

While we were shopping we got a call from MrBasement who invited us to his house to see his new Granite Counter Top as he thought it was similar to what we wanted but not as pricey. We popped to one of our favourite cafes for lunch where we had a lovely Lentil and Cumin soup with a toasted bagel. We then spent the rest of the afternoon at MrBasements house with him and his wife. They were very helpful and gave me a sample of their granite to show Huffle. His wife (who I know from Knitting) acted as our Designer and also got us a couple of quotes while we were there and we discussed a lot of the work that would be happening.

Back home, Huffle and I decided on the granite and MrBasement got Moo and I an appointment tomorrow to see a lady to get the ball rolling. Phew!

We got home more or less at the same time as the boys. They did their homework while we prepared dinner. Tonight we had a roast chicken dinner and Small, Moo and I had a puff pastry eggy thing I threw together. Moo made us an Apple and Strawberry Crumble and Custard (not bumpy this time).

We all watched Ninja Warrier UK and the boys went to bed. The rest of us played cards and watched TV.


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