Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Is that you or the compost bin?

I slept well until around 4am when I had to get up for the bathroom. It was at this point that I realised no-one else in the house was washing their hands. We have three bathrooms, one a tiny en-suite which is mine, one is part of the laundry room which is primarily used by Huffle and Smallest and the other is what we would call a family bathroom and where everyone but me showers and baths. Last week I was in the Family Bathroom and noticed the hand soap needed refilling but it completely slipped my mind until I came to wash my hands at 4am and realised it was still empty. I was furious, hurt, upset and very very angry. No wonder I was so ill, no wonder this house is struggling to rid of this awful virus we have. I didn't sleep well after that as I wanted to bang some heads together. This morning I shouted and cried and got upset with them all. It seems that Small IS washing his hands and IS able to get soap out (magician!) and Smallest doesn't wash his hands first thing in the morning in there because he is worried the tap will wake us. OMG! Instead of their usual TV first thing, they made their own breakfast and instead of their tablets, they had to clean the bathroom thoroughly. I hope that makes them think twice in future. I did warn them that if I found they still weren't washing their hands, I would make them clean the whole house!! They went off to school after big hugs and lots of sorry's though I know they were prompted by Huffle.

I had a long hot shower (at least I am clean) and a leisurely breakfast and Huffle and I looked online at under cabinet lighting as MrBasement is due tomorrow to fit them. The granite is also due tomorrow so he has to be here to remove the awful plywood and take out the sink. Later on today he informed us he couldn't do the tiling for a couple of weeks (not happy especially as we went out especially on Saturday and today (whilst ill) to get the tiles and grout!).

Before Granite photo

I went out to Port Perry to pick up the lights, get a bit of essential food and find the grout. I was personally going to go for a white grout as I have not really experienced any other colour but MrBasement and the lady in the grout place said 'really?' when I suggested it. Bearing in mind I am not Canadian and just in case we have to sell our house in the future I went with the sales lady's suggestion of trying to match the tiles so they blended rather than the grout being a stark white. Ok!

I managed to get home for lunch via the petrol station which happened to be on a corner where the wind whistled past. It was so cold! Apparently the temperature is going to be -16* tonight and in the -20's on Saturday which will probably be more like -30* once the windchill is counted. Brrrrr.

I sat and jigsawed this afternoon and helped Huffle a little with the clearing of the drive. We had more snow today but it's very light and easily movable. The boys came home with their report cards and before I could even open them, they were Facetiming Grandma and Grandad. They know that Grandad always says they can have extra Wine Gums when their reports are good. Naughty boys! To be fair, their reports were excellent and we are very pleased with both of them. G&G were treated to a delight of recorder and piano plus the reading of the reports.

After dinner, Huffle took the boys to basketball and I Stayed home and jigsawed and watched TV. I am feeling much better. My throat is sore when I cough and I am very tired but hopefully it is on its way out now.

I forgot to post this yesterday - my pancake tossing




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