Sunday, 7 February 2016

Six car parks and a bean bag poo

Huffle snored but I couldn't move - too ill. I had Vicks on my tissue and sniffed my nostrils clear until the tissue disintegrated and then I snored leaving Huffle to move into the loft . Whoops.

Small didn't want to go to football today as his leg hurt from football on Friday and walking back from the Carnival (I think he was laying it on a bit thick to be honest but Huffle and I were past arguing). Huffle cleared away the Summer Themed stuff and we all started a game of Catan. Smallest had a party this afternoon so spent some time making a card. We abondoned the game for lunch and started the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (he has just finished reading the book).

Mr Lemonade Head

We took Smallest to his party at Soccer City. It was the party of one of his football friends and his Dad had arranged lots of different games but the kids just wanted to play football, followed by pizza, cake and lots of running around with sugary sweets.

Small, Huffle and I went to get photos taken for mine and Small's passports as they need renewing. Small hadn't brushed his hair and had a dirty paint splattered fleece and I looked like I was ill (I was). She did make us take off our outerwear so the fleece didn't make the photo. I had to put my hair behind my ears (new rule!) and move away my fringe which made my hair look weird. I had a big red patch around my neck becuase I had been wearing a scarf and a fleece and I was warm. Great, ten years of these awful photos and $49 too!

Next we went tile shopping. We ummed and ahhed over lots and just went for the plainest, off white/almond coloured tiles and picked up four boxes, enough to do the whole kitchen backsplash. We couldn't find the grout (who knew there were so many colours in grout!) but found the thing that sits on top of the tiles which matches perfectly. We are trying to get organised as the granite arrives on Thursday and MrBasement is back to remove the board worktop and sink so are hoping he might start the tiles too. We spent far too long looking for a coffee shop but found one in the end and had a nice warming drink.

When we went to pick up Smallest, he was running around looking like a crazed sugar fuelled being and we collected his stuff, he said his thankyous and goodbyes and we took him home. We carried on with our game while he showered and then finished off the Harry Potter film with dinner.

Smallest is feeling so much better but Huffle and I are not.


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