Thursday, 18 February 2016

4 waves and a nearly honk*

The bus came early this morning, luckily I got the boys outside in time. *Smallest likes to stand at the end of our drive and wave to passers by and make the big lorries honk their horns. I'm not to keen on him doing this and I know he's just being friendly but................

A few months ago, we had a letter informing us that Smallest's Health Card needed renewing. I gathered all the documents I needed including mine and his passports and finally went and visited the office today to get it sorted. This time last year I went to the same office, a local one, and was told "oh no, it says you are here on a work permit, that means we can't touch it here, you have to go to a 'Full Service Ontario' office (which is miles away and always has a huge queue!). However, last year the lady made a telephone call and managed to get it done at the local office. This time, she called but they wouldn't let her do it. That was a wasted hour of travelling to the old office and finding it closed, travelling to the new office, spending time going through wrong doors and following signs (not my strong point) and waiting for a phone call to tell me to travel to another office about 40 minutes away. Uurrrrgggghhhhh so annoying. I didn't do it today though as I really need to go with all of our health cards and get them to remove the work permit status as we are now Permanent Residents and that entitles us to use the local office. I will tackle that one next week.

I then drove to Port Perry to take back one of the under cabinet lights that we didn't use and the grout that MrBasement seemed to think was the wrong colour (though I didn't find a better colour!). While I was in there I got chatting to the lady who sorted out our granite for us. She wanted to finalise our order and sign it all off but MrBasement had contacted her to tell her of how the fitters were shimming (adding height to certain parts of the granite). I told her we found a tiny chip and that Huffle checked the levels with a spirit level and found them to be all over the place. Much later I sent her a photo of the spirit levels and the chip plus one corner that had been mended by the fitters but didn't look so good now. She sorted out for them to come and do a service call and hopefully put it all right. We should hear from them within four days.

I grabbed a couple of things from the supermarket on my way home (as soon as I got home from the shops yesterday the boys informed me they were out of toothpaste and shampoo!!!!). Huffle had painted the kicker boards (still just pieces of wood) with primer in the basement with no ventilation. It was very stinky. Otto next door was sitting outside by the fire smoking a doo-be-doo and Huffle was in the basement breathing in paint fumes. Pair of idiots! Huffle moved the wood into the sun room, we opened all the windows despite the -15* to fumigate (I say fumigate, when we are expelling the paint fumes and letting in Otto's fire and smokes!!, and I made lunch.

I spent the afternoon making a Beef Lasagne and a Veggie Lasange. At 3pm I left the kitchen in a complete mess and went for a half an hour walk in the Hamlet. It was so cold I thought my ears were going to fall off but the sun was shining and the sky was a really deep blue.

I got home before the boys and cleared up the kitchen and finished the lasagnes. I had a telephone call from Smallest's coach. He wanted to know if we would be interested in putting Smallest in a Football Summer Camp (one week). He had to chose four of the best players which will be recognised and be part of the District Talent ID Initiave (it is so talented players do not miss the opportunity to play at the highest level). Impressive! We have said he would love to go but are waiting for the details. Clever sausage.

Dinner was yummy (haven't had lasagne for ages. It used to be the only thing I could make so we had it all the time and the boys hated it but now they love it). After dinner Huffle tried to mend Netflix. We have been having trouble with it for ages. Sometime it doesn't play (normally when I want to watch it). He sorted it for a while and then it broke again. He rewarded himself with some precious Wii time with the kids while I started a new knitting project.




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