Monday, 15 February 2016

Scrafty Doo

Another lie-in. HAPPY FAMILY DAY. No school, no work. Although I did do the washing, dying, folding and sorting and stripped and remade Smallest's bed and hoovered his room and the lounge and the kitchen. But apart from that, it was a day off.

The boys mainly played on the Wii or computer. Smallest and I got the Lego out and we built the CN Tower (complete with Edge Walkers), the Rogers Stadium complete with baseball players, the half time pitch clearers, mascot, spectators, a zip line from the tower to the pitch, commentator and wheelchair seats. We also built a mini village, a house on fire and the harbour. Later on the boys wrecked it and built a huge battle field.

We started a new jigsaw that mainly I did but everyone chipped in and added their little bits.

We didn't have lunch much to Small's annoyance. He likes to know what each meal is we are having, especially if it is at an unconventional time, like today. We decided to make pasta but didn't start until 12:45 so we didn't end up eating it until about 2:30pm. It confused him terribly! I also made us all Valentine Mousse which we ate late afternoon.

Huffle made the pasta and I made a tomato sauce, an Alfredo sauce, grilled veggies and chicken and Small came and helped me make some garlic bread (the kind where you rub the garlic onto the toasted bread and drizzle it with oil). It was all very yummy and a lovely Family Day Meal. Unfortunately we couldn't consume lots of wine as one of us had to take Smallest to football.

I took Smallest to his football early evening. It had snowed a little and the temperature was warmer than the last couple of days but it was still icing up my windscreen and the roads were slippery. Smallest has been told he will be number 6 on the outdoor field when football starts for the Spring/Summer period.



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