Friday, 12 February 2016

Squashed Recycling

I knew today was going to be 'one of those days' when I ran over the recycling bins put at the end of our drive by Huffle. I thought I was reversing over a snow bank and I had to park and scramble into the road to pick up all the debris I had spilled. Arrrrgggghhh.

Smallest insists on waving at every car and trying to get the lorries to honk!

I should have been doing something with ClownRose but she had to go off car shopping. I left a message for Suffolk but she was sunning herself in Mexico, so I decided, after the boys had gone to school and I had tidied and cleaned the kitchen, that I would go out and look for a solution to the 'tuppware' drawer and find a notice board (as the previous one is yucky and doesn't fit on the wall anyway). I was on my to 'Solutions' and 'Costco' and somehow got waylaid and ended up in Winners and Walmart, the latter not my favourite but needs must sometimes. I thought I might find a nice gift for Valentines Day for Huffle but I didn't, I was devoid of all inspiration. I found no solution or notice board and after picking up a few bits, got bored and came home. But not before I called home to tell Huffle I could have lunch with him after all. Alas, he had already had his. What a Billy no mates I was today.

I had lunch, put away my wares, reorganised some wiring using some extension leads I had bought, watched a bit of TV, jigsawed and then went for a walk with ClownRose who seemed to be having a similar day to me and had no luck with the car searching. We only walked for half an hour but I was exhausted as I am still not feeling 100%.

The boys came home armed with valentines cards. One of Smallest's said "just to let you know I think you're nice and did you know I like to draw monsters. I have drawn a monster that looks like you". Smallest thought this was funny because the girl in question wasn't very nice to him normally. They never gave any valentines cards out themselves (I'm secretly hoping I might get one from them though).

We had pizza for dinner and watched a bit more of Scooby Doo (Smallest laughs at it and the rest of us don't!). Small and Huffle went off for Friday night football and Smallest and I did some Origami. We made several things which we can't say until after Sunday

We received our winnings for the Summer Themed Competition. $30. We are still thinking what to do with it.


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