Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Another telling off!

When the kids came in to wake me this morning I was convinced it was the weekend. What? Only Tuesday? No way! Smallest's finger was okay today, though he told his teacher he couldn't do gym in case he fell! Ahhhhhh but he can play football though. Naughty!

I went off and did a really quick shop after the boys went and I was back home putting stuff away by 10:30pm. While I was out, I passed by the Nursery I work at and noticed some cars there so I stopped for a chat. I am starting back there next Tuesday morning HURRAH. As Suffolk was coming over for lunch and to sew, and she eats next to nothing because of her various food allergies, I attempted to do something different. I made a salad as a back up in case the new thing was awful. I baked a Spaghetti Squash and added a yolky poached egg to the top. (It w supposed to taste like spaghetti carbonara!!!). Sounds disgusting but it was really nice and super healthy. Of course, by 3pm I was looking for something sweet to eat.

Lunch was a success though we couldn't persuade Huffle to eat it, he sat in his bunker and ate his lunch whilst watching Allo Allo. We ate and then sewed our $10 quilt samples. This month was a tricky one. It was an icicle with many many pieces. Very complicated but we made a good start. We also had a good discussion about school, kids and homework plus we looked at our kitchen and found some solutions.

As she had to go home to collect her kids at 3pm, I decided to go for a walk. I walked for about 40 minutes. No coat, a big scarf and gloves and my Autumnal boots. It was very bright but still quite cold.

I did a bit more sewing interspersed with making dinner. The boys came home, Smallest was a little upset that his teacher asked him to do homework on the subject he missed yesterday by coming home with his finger. He has to draw a picture of Canada and name all the provinces. Small said he would help him. See they can be nice! However, the homework wasn't posted online yet so he can't start it. They went on the Wii until they had an argument and read in their rooms.

After dinner, Huffle and Smallest practised football tricks in the garden but Smallest got upset (very sensitive at the moment) so Huffle and Small played table tennis.

I took Smallest to football practice tonight and for once we were early. I still got told off though becuase I wasn't watching when Smallest was passing the ball without looking up. I should have been watching so I could tell him off later. I spent most of the game chatting to one of the Mum's (and watching of course). At the end I went to hug Smallest and the coach told me off again, saying I shouldn't hug him when he can't look up to pass the ball. I told him that Smallest was going camping at the weekend with Cubs and he advised him against it. He doesn't want him to get ill when there are only a few games of the season left. I think, Mr Coach, that Smallest gives enough of his time to you and that you can jolly well let him do what he likes on a Saturday evening! Cheeky devil!

Small and Huffle played on the Wii playing Smash Bros. Huffle had won and he didn't know how (just like me).


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