Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Come in number 75......

Today's adventure took me to Ikea to return all the things we didn't use in the new kitchen. When you plan a kitchen, the folk at Ikea look through your plan and add extras like legs, shelves, kick panels, cover panels etc etc and you end up with a ton of stuff you didn't really want. In fact we ended up with around $500 worth of extras. Smallest and Huffle loaded up the car for me yesterday so all I had to do was drive there, park and take all the stuff inside. However, today the car park was full and I had to park fairly close to another car. That's fine when you haven't got a fully assembled kitchen cupboard on the back seat of your car. As it was I struggled to get the cupboard out without denting my car and the one next to me. I did manage despite the fact that many cars drove past (way too close for my liking). The cupboard was loaded, the extra drawers put on, the big bits of cover panels and drawer fronts added and then I had to figure out how to get those extremely long, very bendy and flyaway kick panels on. Four of them which I leaned against my car. It was like a bad comedy sketch, one blew over, knocking another one over, one fell into the road of an oncoming idiot of a driver. Eventually all was loaded and I treacherously made my way through the car park, across a road, up a ramp and into the building. Here I stumbled across 'Immigration'. Take a number (mine was 75, number 50 was currently being served) and sit and wait with lots of people who had one item to return, not a whole trolley full.

19 items

This was when I realised I desperately need the loo. I looked around for someone who might help me and decided upon the girl I followed in as I guessed her number was just before mine, she said she would keep an eye on my returnable goods and I bounded down the corridor in search of the washrooms! When I got back I sat down and started to relax and read my book (I knew I was going to be there for a while). It was then that I realised I had lost my ticket. Bugger! I told my new friend (who didn't care and certainly didn't want to be my friend anyway) and proceeded to look through my whole bag. Nothing! I got a new ticket just in case and I ran down to the washrooms again (this time I didn't ask anyone to keep an eye on my stuff because I don't think anyone really cared) and there was my ticket sitting on the toilet roll holder. doh!

It wasn't too long before I was called. The lady who served me didn't really speak much but carefully scanned all my receipts (I had three) and then proceeded to look at everything I had brought back. She scanned each one and asked if they were extras (I wonder how many times people bring this stuff back?) and what was wrong with the faucet DO YOU MEAN TAP? Oh I ordered the wrong one by mistake. No problem. Because I got a 10% discount when I bought everything originally, I had to pay that 10% back but after trying to explain to me how it all worked, she ended up loading a gift card for me and taking it off there. I never have been good with numbers! From there I went to the checkouts to order my two drawer fronts that were originally out of stock. I was sent to the self service where I couldn't make the computer do what I wanted so spoke to a very nice young Liverpudlian man who sent me to a real live man. Here he ordered my fronts and sent me back to the checkout. Nice lady helped me and then I drove out to the warehouse to pick them up. I wish I had grabbed something to eat becuase I was starving but luckily it didn't take long and then I was on my way home armed with two drawer fronts, a gift card for $50 and a credit of $500 on my credit card. JOB DONE.

Huffle had made lunch but was busy on a call so I started to put the drawer fronts on. I don't need instructions now, it's easy. After lunch I finished them and Facetimed Moo. We had a good catch up and then I started on dinner. Huffle put the handles on the drawers and I went for a walk in the Hamlet to the local grocery shop where I got ripped off for three stamps. I hope my letters get to where they should be going because he dismissed me before I saw the stamps go on and he never gave me a receipt!

Last bit of snow

The boys came home just after I got back. Smallest didn't like his salad because it tasted 'old' and I gave him four tomatoes!! Bad mother! Both disappeared into their rooms to do their homework and MrsPiano came for their lessons (I had forgotten she was coming). She thought the piano looked good in its place and apologised for the cobwebs (as long as she kept the spiders, I don't mind a few cobwebs). Both boys did very well (it was very loud) but we need to get the piano tuner in as one of the keys is broken and it's bit out of tune.

All had dinner and we discussed what we are going to enter for the Snow Sculpture Cimpetiton this year. Bearing in mind all of our snow has pretty much gone (oh yes it's Groundhog Day today and apparently we have six more weeks of winter), the organisers have decided that we are having a Summer Themed Competition instead. We have our ideas and plans and have registered our interest.

Smallest and Huffle went to football practice, Small played on the Wii and I cleared the kitchen and blogged.



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