Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Iron Horse*

Everyone was up early this morning due to Smallest playing football at 10am, needing to be there 30 minutes before and us having to drive 20 minutes away. Small decided to stay at home by himself and ate breakfast while he watched TV, played on his tablet and finally got dressed and clean about five minutes before we came home. Smallest's game was very exciting and entertaining. They won 6-0 with Smallest playing really well. He organised his team mates and communicated lots. We had the Chinese referee who was so bad last time, making the players stand in a line when they were subbed but this time was slightly inconsistent with his rules. The other side were one of the ones we had problems with in the Summer and Huffle quickly identified the boy who had serious anger issues last time. He hadn't changed much. He fell down like a 'sack of spuds' as Huffle shouted everytime the game wasn't going his way and he kicked out at a few of our players but luckily missed.

After the game we came home briefly in order for Smallest to get his shower and get chaged and then we drove 40 minutes to get to a place where the team were being kitted out for their Spring/Summer season. We were told to be there at 12:30 and we got there for 12:25. Everyone else but one was already there (oh these parents love to get to everything so early, like they are going to get brownie points from the Coach). Having said that, when the Coach came out of the back when getting his own child kitted out, he said to no-one in particular but I guess it was aimed at us, all you who came first get to go in first, if you came later, you'll have to wait. Like we cared! It meant that we didn't have to wait so long becuase most of the others had already been done. Smallest and one other boy were the last ones to be fitted. They took their new kits into the changing rooms, got changed, then put their own clothes back on and came out. They misunderstood that they should have shown us what they were wearing so we could decide what size they needed. Smallest ended up with Medium which was way too big but at least it gives him growth room and allows for washing shrinkage. The man fitting him was English and friendly and I asked him where he was from. Clacton-on-Sea. That's funny becuase that's a place we always say when the kids ask where are we going? We always say Timbuctoo or Clacton-on-Sea. He was quite embarrassed that he came from there. Smallest will be getting a pair of shorts, two shirts, a track suit and a hoodie (I did wonder why they were getting the last two items for the Summer but Huffle thinks they are hoping they will last into Winter too). *we joked about getting their nick names put on their shirts and found out they call Smallest The Iron Horse. I'm not sure we really needed to make the trip there today considering they didn't get measured, just handed a kit and told to put it on. I think we could have told them what size we needed but Huffle thinks it was to make the team feel extra special.

We drove to another town for dinner and ended up in a pub which was very funky. I had their Craft Beer which was lovely and Huffle had a Cherry Coke (he misses those) and a Vanilla Coke. The boys had really nice Apple Juices. My dinner was a Roasted Cauliflower Three Cheese Grilled Sandwich with Curried Ketchup which actually sounded much better than it was. It was good though. Smallest had a Mac n Cheese and the other two had pizza. Nice place.

Don't know why I took this but I liked it

On the way home we decided to get our passport photos sorted again as last time they printed them out too big. Apparantly the sizes are different here for their passports but to be fair the girl should have asked us. I mean we have definite British Accents! It was really busy in there. There was a girl having a multitude of photos done, lying on a 70's shag pile rug, sitting on a step, jumping etc. She ended up leaving because they ran out of time (and they were in there much longer than us). Five other people were having their passports done at the same time as us, all needed powder on their cheeks because their faces were too shiny including mine and Small's. We were sent off for fifteen minutes while she printed them and dealt with the next lot of people who came in. We wandered around the shop, bought a few things and went back. Another fifteen minutes of waiting and she half handed me the photos, then took them back and started measuring and cutting them again. After an hour (in all) she finally gave me them back and asked how I wanted to pay (I don't want to pay, I have already paid remember!). As I walked away to look for the est of my family I realised they were wrong and she had printed them square. Huffle took them back in and handed him her phone so she could see the correct sizes etc. This took another five or ten minutes in which time the boys decided they wanted to buy a Wii game and I let them (it's their money). Finally we came out with photos fit for a British Passport. Hurrah!

The photo place was also a build your own bear shop (or Canadian equivalent) and this sign made me chuckle
Proving that they are still little boys
My next car please (it had lots of beer in the back too)

We came home, the boys played on their new game and Huffle and I had a well earned cup of tea while he sorted our passport renewals out. One more job ticked off the list.


Yesterday Huffle and I watched a programme which mentioned how much petrol prices were in Britain in the 1970's, around 50p. Unbelievably that is a similar price to what the petrol is here right now (in fact it's still cheaper than that, possibly 45p). That's incredible. I fill my tank up now for about $45 which is around £22 (RAV4, its not small).


It's been a while since I posted any number plates (probably becuase this time of year they are so dirty or snowed up that you can't see them). This one caused Smallest to ask me what Menopause meant. That was an interesting conversation.




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