Saturday, 13 February 2016

It's not the Hokey Pokey you know

We awoke to temperatures of -27*c with a real feel of -44*c. There was thick ice on the inside of the windows plus an Extreme Weather Warning in force (meaning chances of frost bite and hypothermia). All ski resorts in the local area have been closed too.

Originally we were all going to Smallest's game this morning but Small and I decided to hibernate inside our warm house instead. Smallest and Huffle ran to the car (Huffle was worried the car wouldn't start but it did, though he did park it next to the house instead of at the end of the drive). I gave Smallest a blanket to use in the car. One of the Dad's at the game was still wearing shorts which is absolutely ridiculous! Smallest was the captain today and got an assist in the game which ended in 6-0.

Beano bating me with his Arsenal scarf and Big Frank with his shorts!
Capt. Smallest

Small and I had a lazy morning, he watched Stoke on the TV and I did the jigsaw and much later finished it. When Huffle and Smallest came home, Huffle watched the Stoke game and Small had a bath.

After lunch Smallest went to his friend Ew's house to play and Small, Huffle and I played Monoloy Deal.

The boys and I started a new puzzle and Huffle got some dinner (we were going to go out but it was too cold and we were waiting for MrBasement to turn up - who didn't!!!). We finished the Scooby-Doo film andSmallest immediately started Scooby-Doo2. OH NO! I couldn't sit through another one so we sent him to bed and Huffle read to him. The boys can watch that one by themselves!

The temperature got slightly better but the house felt so cold. We were wrapped in our blankets and Huffle put the heating up. Wahooo!



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Aunt Pear said...

Huffle turn the hearing up! My god it mut be cold ❄️😂