Saturday, 6 February 2016

Posing Beaver, Smiling Goat and a Blind Bald Ref

During the night I unknowingly forced Huffle out of bed with my blocked nose snoring. He woke me putting bedding on the loft bed and then I woke up again becuase my throat had closed up and I couldn't breathe. I got up and took some painkillers and had a drink and went back to sleep. This morning I felt awful (ill awful and awful for keeping Huffle awake and chucking him out of bed).

Smallest said he was feeling fine and wanted to play football (one of his teammates had croup cough and another one could only play for half of the game due to hockey commitments) though we could see in his eyes he wasn't 100%. Everyone sat and watched the Leicester game - another win, another stay at the top of the table WAHooooo. We had a pancake breakfast which everyone helped to create. Normally we would go to the Church Pancake Breakfast but it would have meant going early and we weren't quite up to it.

Huffle and Smallest went to football with strict instructions to take Smallest off the field if he looked overly tired but he was fine, apart from when he got elbowed in the first minute and had to come off for Huffle Physio. Huffle shouted at the ref (lady) and asked her if she had seen the incident, she hadn't and so Huffle told her to 'do one' in a less than polite way. It was a good job Huffle wasn't doing his normal commentating on the video today. Too many swears apparently. Their team lost 4-2. (Huffle edit - I was embarrassed for her, a catalogue of errors)

Oh yes, and it snowed during the night too

Smallest and I slowly made our way to the Winter Carnival where Small was taking part on the Scouts Float which was set up as a KubKar Race. He got to sit in the tractor. I walked to the main part of the Hamlet to watch the parade and stood and talked to a friend. We watched, waved and walked to the Community Centre where the end of the parade was in order to pick up our kids and see what else was happening.

We chatted with a few people, I took photos for the photo competition and Small got his face painted with the Stoke badge (shame they lost BOO for the boys). He also decorated a cookie which we said we were going to eat on the way home but I only got a couple of sprinkles as Small said I couldn't share becuase I was ill!! We decided not to stay and started to walk home.

The CWC mascot
The parade and the old fire truck
A smiling goat

We ended up driving to the Chip Shop and meeting Smallest and Huffle where we then had dinner before popping out the LCBO and picking up some wine (purely medicinal).

Back home we snuggled up on the sofa and watched Ninja Warrier UK. The boys played on the Wii until they argued and then they did some new Magic for us. Small made tea for himself and Smallest and they watched TV before bed. Huffle is now starting to get shooting pains (I had them last night) in his limbs and is feeling lethargic. Oh dear!



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