Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I can write better than that!

More snow during the night. Again, not too much but a white covering everywhere. The temperature went up slightly too so it wasn't as cold. The boys went off without incident today and Huffle went out for an early shovel of the drive. I went to aerobics which was really hard as I am still quite snuffly plus I had a week off last week. Still it was good to get moving.

At home I Facetimed Moo ****HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOO**** and we sang to her and watched her open her presents and cards. She had already been out during the day and was off to the theatre later too.

I did a bit of jigsaw, had a shower and then lunch with Huffle.

This afternoon I went food shopping. I much prefer shopping in the morning as it isn't as busy but to be honest I think it's much less busier than when we were in the UK. I popped into the Tire and bought a couple of storage boxes and headed home.

After putting the shopping away and clearing out the unwanted stuff in the fridge, I made a soup for dinner. The boys came home and both did their homework. Small did his Maths on the computer and Smallest did a practice test. During dinner Moo called (as I told her the boys wanted to sing to her) and we sang again and the boys played on the piano for her. What a lucky Moo!

I took the boys to basketball leaving Huffle time to relax in the bath and make the most of three hours of peace. Normally I take my knitting with me but today I watched properly and I really enjoyed it and I think Ineven learnt a few things. Small had a nosebleed before he even started playing and Smallest played in his own session and Small's.



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