Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A sash or a crown!

I think I slept better and I definitely know that I only used one tissue all night, so that must be good. I did however wake up with a very dry and sore throat, a squeaky voice and a sicky feeling. Huffle and Smallest came and woke me up and helped me with breakfast and lunch. Huffle is still feeling the same but did get a good nights sleep. Small is feeling better and his throat only hurts when he yawns. Smallest still has a cold.

After the kids went to school, I took my breakfast and went back to bed with The Great Interior Design Challenge, though I didn't get to watch much as I noticed Moo was online and I FaceTimed her. We had a good chat and then she left me to get some more rest. I couldn't sleep so I decided to make a large Carrot and Tomato Soup and a Sesame Seed Bread for dinner later. This wore me out so I lay on the sofa and finished my earlier programme which I interspersed with looking after the soup and bread.

MrPension came round to pick up a birth certificate that he needed from us and then Huffle and I had lunch together. After I cleared the kitchen, I went back to the sofa and watched Call The Midwife and made some pancake batter as I promised the kids some English Pancakes as they call them. Crepes, not the fluffy thick types we normally have here.

The boys came home and played piano, made hot chocolate and did homework. Smallest got an A+ and a 'Superb Work' on his homework from last week. He was very pleased, as were we. Small had a friend and classmate round for an hour and they did a French Speaking assignment that Smallest filmed for them.

We had a vitamin C fuelled soup (thanks JacknJill for the idea) with lovely seedy bread and pancakes for afters. Yum yum.

Smallest and Huffle went to football practice and Small and I stayed at home, jigsawed, tableted and watched TV.


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Sarah Tomson said...

😊 I too seem to have sinus problems coming again along with my lack of vitamin d! So I'm taking my own advice and eating soup!
I've never made carrot and tomato do you use tinned toms? And how much of each?