Thursday, 25 February 2016

Productive Day

Huffle was the first up this morning due to him going into Toronto for a meeting, catch up in the office and taking his car in for a service. Small got up next and had a shower and Smallest had to be woken up. Too many late nights recently. It was snowing as the boys left for school and it snowed on and off for the rest of the day. It wasn't too cold. -2* feels like -6*.

I was supposed to meet Suffolk for a shop later in the day but she had to go to school to talk to teachers so I shopped alone. I started in Solutions where I was looking for a basket for under the microwave shelf and a container for our Tupperware drawer. I found neither!

Next I went to Costco where I bought lots of meat to go in the freezer plus bread products and Small's favourite Brie and my favourite Canadian cheese Balderson. While I was there I happened to pick up two presents for Huffle. I was very pleased with my purchases (shhhh birthday........) and didn't expect to get either of them in there. I sampled two lots of Mini Eggs (not cadburys but quite good, might have to go back before Easter), some organic chocolate rice cereal and hemp seeds sprinkled on a banana!

Once I deposited my shopping in the car, I decided to walk (without a coat in the snow brrrrrrrr) to Pier 1 where I am convinced the lady in there thought I was shop lifting as she secretly followed me and got quite fidgety when I examined the tea-towels near the door (possibly because I kept setting the doorbell off). I really liked them but I refused to buy them because I didn't like her. My next stop was Homesense (TKMaxx) where I found three little wooden boxes that when put together almost measured the length I wanted. Then as I was walking to the checkout I found another box that was the correct(ish) length but had lots of compartments that I didn't really need, so I picked that up too. I also found a cute notice board and bought that along with all the boxes. Armed with three huge bags, I trudged through the snow back to my car, stopping at Indigo/Chapters on the way to get a card for Huffle and a present for another birthday. I was hungry by this point and decided to drive home, happy with my purchases for the day, but knowing some of the stuff would be coming back.

I had lunch by myself, watching Happy Valley and then started bagging the meat individually for the freezer. I hid my present purchases and started working out which baskets and boxes etc went where. I really wanted to keep them all. Yahoo helped via text and I decided to keep the little boxes for under the microwave and the compartment one is now being used for our medicines (though it's too nice to be in a cupboard, it does work very well). The basket I bought previously is now sitting on top of the fridge. Not 100% convinced about this one yet. I need to live with it for a while.

At 3pm I went for a quick walk in the Hamlet with ClownRose and Little Fin. It was still snowing and although it wasn't cold as such, when the wind blew, it was biting! When the boys came home I forgot we were supposed to be at the hairdressers but luckily they remembered. We drove there (five minutes down the road). Small went first and had a short spikey do, Smallest went next and had his usual not too much off (his choice) and I had my fringe cut. The boys played outside in the snow with the hairdressers kids and I had a cup of tea and a chat.

Huffle got home before me. His car had to have new brakes because his were rusting due to sitting for long periods. Oh dear. We made dinner, ate it and then Smallest and Huffle played on the Wii.



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