Friday, 19 February 2016

Frenchy get clattered

The snow that melted yesterday in the long sunshine of the day, collected in a long puddle down the drive and then froze into an ice rink. Not good when Huffle and I are trying to take the recycling and bins out first thing. There were huge icicles hanging from the roof so no doubt they will melt soon too.

We didn't have anymore snow today but it started of quite cold. Enough for the kids to have to wear snow pants. The bus was on time and there was no arguing whilst waiting for it today. Huffle had many calls today and a visit from DHL to pick up my birth and marriage certificates for our new pension thingymagiggy.

I went off to Suffolks house where our intention was to sew all day and finish our quilt sample for next Saturday's session. However, because we haven't seen each for ages, we had much to talk about so in actual fact we had a really good day of therapy for each other. We had a lovely lunch of Parsnip and Pear soup and we fit in a bit of sewing (well cutting really) in the last hour.

I came home just before the boys got back (in fact the school bus followed me home). Smallest did a presentation to the Superintendant today (the boss of all the Principals on our region). He said he liked him a lot and enjoyed it but he let his friend do most of the speaking.

I made dinner while the boys played on their tablets (after a chore). Small and Huffle went to football practice and Huffle played too. He took it easy and didn't get injured YAY! Smallest watched TV and played on his tablet and I cut out all my material and tried to interpret what I was supposed to do next but I couldn't. I finished a slipper I was knitting by which time Huffle and Small came home.

Showers, TV, cup of tea, bed!


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