Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mr Chatty Pants

Last night I slept in my own bed (and not the loft), partly because I was feeling much better and mainly because it was so cold (-16*) that I needed Huffles warmth. We slept okay and I was actually too warm at some point. I woke up feeling a lot better. Still a sore throat, sniffly and a cough but I'll take that.

The boys got their own breakfast and sat in front of the TV (the kitchen table was full of kitchen things). MrBasement arrived around 8am and started doing electrical things, unplumbing the sink and unscrewing the wooden boards. The granite people said they would be there between 8-12. MrBasement finished the lighting, I got lots of cleaning done and Huffle worked. At 12 we all had a quick lunch.

MrsBasement came for a look (they are also redoing their kitchen so she was interested to see how the lights looked). The granite arrived sometime after 1:15pm, no apology, just a shrug of the shoulders. It took them ages and we had a slight problem with one of the cabinets being not level (funny, first thing this morning I asked if the same cupboard was level as I could see it wasn't. The joke in this house is that everything is wonky so just seeing isn't always correct. Maybe my eyes are good after all.). Luckily MrBasement was here and between them they sorted it. They finally left, after asking me to wiggle again (apparently I 'wiggled' as I smoothed the granite checking it for any faults or imperfections!!!) around 3:30pm.

The boys came home, MrBasement cleared up his stuff and I made a start on dinner. Soooo nice to be able to wipe down the surface and not be snagged on the wood as I stand next to it. It looks lovely and it's not even finished yet. In a couple of weeks, MrBasement will be back to finish off the list (yes I have a list) of things we have for him to do. In the meantime I am taking back the tiles and grout we bought and buying something else. On Saturday he will pop by with some pine and paint for me to paint the kicker boards (that's what they are properly called Grandad) before he custom cuts it and secures it to the bottom of the cupboards.

Small went to the Ontario Science Centre today with school and they learned all about heating.

This evening he did his homework and Smallest played on his tablet. For once, we had dinner at a normal time. No rushing, no eating early, no eating at different times. It was very nice in our shiny new kitchen.

We attempted to watch Scooby Doo (the film, as Smallest has been desperate to watch it for ages) but had problems with Netflix, Apple TV etc. We got to watch a bit before the monkies went to bed.



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