Monday, 22 February 2016

Star gazing

After the boys went to school (the bus was early again), I went off to sort out mine and Smallest's Health Cards. I had to drive to a place called Aurora which was about 40 minutes away but on a very long straight road so a very easy route. When I arrived I stood in the queue (I was at the front) and eventually I was called. I got everything out of my bag and then a woman came in and said "I have an appointment at 10:15" (it was 10:15), no apology from anyone but I was sent back to the queue at which point there were many people and I don't think they liked me going in front of them. Once the appointment lady was finished, I was allowed to empty my bag of all things Health Card related. I managed to change our status from Work Permit to Permanent Resident which means Smallest and I can now go to any office (there are much closer ones available) to get our renewals. I couldn't get Small's or Huffles because I didn't have their Permanent Residency cards and Huffle has to go in person because he is over 16. She took my photo again because my old one was horrible, I think I was ill when it was taken and I think we had only just arrived (I was probably grumpy too). I got it all done within half an hour and then drove 30 minutes to another town so I could post a letter, buy some envelopes and post mine and Small's passport. I asked if I could get it tracked seeing as there were passports on there but it would have cost me $75. I got it registered and tracked but without it being quick and maybe not getting a signature at customs for just under $30. That's better. What a busy morning of administration.

Back home I Facetimed Moo and we had a catch up chat before I had to go to have lunch as I was meeting NoCustard in the forest. It was very sunny but a little chilly. I didn't need a coat (just a fleece) but I wore gloves and a scarf. When I got to the car park it was so slippy I struggled to get out of the car and walk to NoCustards car. Neither of us had our YakTraks on (spiky things that attach to the bottom of your boots to help with snow and ice) and we half skated across the car park but soon realised the tracks were just too icy. Obviously the sun doesn't quite get through the canopy of trees to melt it. We decided to go home as it was too dangerous. We may have to leave our walks for a couple of weeks.

At home I decided to walk in the Hamlet. I had a very long walk and had easily done my 10,000 steps by the time I got home. Just as I arrived home, my phone rang. It was Smallest who had hurt his finger and wanted me to come and get him. I drove to school. His little finger had been bent backwards by a football during gym and had swelled up despite ice being on it. The secretary said she wasn't going to bother me but Smallest wanted to let me know. His teacher told him to call me too as it hurt him to write. Personally I think he was worried because Small broke his little finger when a ball landed on it. He sat in front of the TV with ice on it and managed to play the piano (not using his left hand). Funnily enough it seemed to heal pretty well when I told him he wouldn't able to play football if it was bad.

Piano lessons were done while I made a Banana Loaf. Smallest wants to enter the school talent contest and play Indiana Jones which is quite tricky. We tried to persuade Small to do it too but he wouldn't. We also tried to get him to duet with Smallest, perhaps wearing a costume so no one would know it was him but he is not convinced!

Dinner this evening was tricky. I made omelette and normally boys share one with ham and cheese and Huffle and I share a big veggie filled one but because it was a football night, I had to make four individual ones, two with rice and two with cous cous. Of course the cous cous and rice were not shared by the two eating at the same time so I had to make four different sides too! Smallest and Huffle ate first and then went off to football. Today the parents were told they could not sit or stand on the field and that it didn't belong to the club but to the town. I wonder what has gone on there then?

Small and I ate together and then I took him to Scouts where it was held at one of the leaders houses who lives surrounded by fields. Tonight there was a presentation by an astronomer with some star gazing through a telescope - hence the fields location. It was a very clear night and the moon was very big and full. When I went to pick him up I got to look through two telescopes. I saw Jupiter with its four moons and two stripes indicating storms, a nebula and the moon. Very cool. It was too cold to stand in the middle of a field for too long but Small said it was very interesting despite the fact that one of his Scout friends were there. Too many little squealy boys!!!!! I also learnt that the little cluster of stars I always see is called Plades (not sure of the pronunciation because a Canadian told me). Also the stars in the shape of a W is called Cassia pae (again the pronunciation could be wrong).

My valentines solar dog all lit up
The moon. Looked bigger to me!



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