Sunday, 21 February 2016

Is that it's bum or neck?*

I was greeted, this morning, with "can we have pancakes mummy?". Cheeky bums. We did have some but they were much smaller than usual (yummy though). After breakfast, Huffle took Small to his Football Development session. Here, Huffle learned that one of the Dads had complained to Smallest's Coach that he was not happy that his son (who only joined the team 4 months ago) got less game playing time than Smallest. Apparantly there was a 30 minute discussion on the subject in which it got quite aggressive. The Coach denied that this was happening but to be fair, I think he should earn his place, not just expect to play just because!. Yesterday there was a comment from the Coach to the same Dad's son about not turning up for practice and using the excuse that 'the slow cooker wasn't ready' and not even messaging to say he wasn't going to be there. Tut tut. I think the complaint today was sparked by the Coach's comment which really shouldn't have been said in front of other people but it was a bad excuse! The other parents and the Coach were furious and Huffle is interested to see what the atmosphere is like at tomorrow's practice.

Small and I stayed at home and he persuaded me to play their new Wii game (Smash Bros). Apparantly I was very good and kept winning but I have no idea what I was doing. I stopped to make dinner and Huffle and Small came home. There was more Smash Bros while dinner was finished and then we all ate far too much.

More Smash Bros while Huffle Facetimed Grandma and Grandad and then we all sat down and finished off the film we started yesterday. Tomorrowland. It wasn't rated very good but it had a good message.

We had tea at the table much to Small's annoyance at not being in front of the TV again and then the boys had a fight and disappeared into their own rooms when we refused to step in and sort it. Ahhhhhh peace. They actually sorted it themselves and then played really nicely for a while.

There has been so much washing, drying and folding done today. I don't know why I do it on the weekend but there was so much. Also the dishwasher has been on all day, emptying, filling, dishwashing, emptying, filling.............

Netflix has been playing up again so Huffle and I spent ages trying to write down all the error messages, checking all the settings and sending off an email to our provider. Hope it gets sorted soon as it's very annoying.

*i was referring to the roast chicken we had for dinner.

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