Monday, 1 February 2016

999 megabytes of pressure!

Huffle and I didn't sleep well. Can't explain why but I did dream a lot last night. It was a struggle to get up this morning and I had to wake Smallest.

The snow has melted considerably and the grass is emerging nicely. I smell Spring. After the boys went off to school (the bus was late again, apparently it broke down), Huffle disappeared into his basement office and took far too many calls (his words) and I ate my breakfast sans butter (I decided to try and give it up again) and then went off and did a grocery shop. I popped into two other shops on my way too.

Back home just in time for lunch with Huffle and a watch of a programme about the Tax Haven that is the Canvey Islands. NICE!

This afternoon I walked with NoCustard in the forest. It was very icy underfoot and we had to walk along the sides of the path which was very hard going. I haven't wheezed on a walk for a long time and bearing in mind it wasn't too cold today, I was wheezing badly by the end of it. Not so bad that I needed my inhaler though (good job as I didn't have it with me). We ended up walking for an hour and a half on a walk that normally takes us 50-60 minutes! It was lovely though. The fresh air, the sunshine, the crunchy snow and the beautiful cloudy blue sky through the gorgeous green of the trees.

I got home just as the boys arrived. Plenty of silliness from them both as usual. Small hadn't eaten his apple and so sat and picked at it until I cut it into pieces for him. Honestly, I give him a nice apple for snack and he refuses to eat it because it is bruised. IT WASNT BRUISED WHEN I GAVE IT TO YOU. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT? Small did homework, Smallest collected all the pieces that are going back to Ikea and Huffle loaded them into my car. That's my trip tomorrow!

We had an early dinner (no piano tonight - it is tomorrow instead) and Smallest and Huffle went off to football practice. Small carried on his homework, I cleared the debris that was the after-dinner mess and then took Small to Scouts where he painted the float for the Winter Carnival which is on Saturday. Small isn't sure yet whether he is going to be on the float for the Scouts (Smallest can't join the Cubs one as he is playing football) or going on the school band float and playing his Tuba.

I came home and enjoyed 30 minutes of peace before Smallest and Huffle came home.

After reading Harry Potter to Smallest and tucking him in bed, Small, Huffle and I started to watch The Jump. Very entertaining. Small likes it.


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