Monday, 8 February 2016

1st Prize is on its way

I slept in the loft last night. Well, I say slept, I snuffled, sneezed, coughed, tossed and turned my way through the very long night. The floor was strewn with tissues and my quilt was hanging off one side. It was nice to be in a bed by myself as I didn't have to worry about moving too much or making too much noise but I didn't wake up feeling any better than when I went to sleep. I got up early so I could take some painkillers as my head still felt like an Elephant was sitting on it. Smallest got up and hugged me and I had to wake Small up who was not feeling too well either. His throat hurts and his eyes look poorly (it always shows in his eyes). We decided to keep him off school today else this damn thing is never going to go away. Smallest still has a cold but looks and feels much better. He went to school. Huffle is still feeling under the weather but his cold hasn't emerged yet, still stuck in his head YUK. He slept better without me.

I started to get the boys their breakfast but Smallest got his own as he said I wasn't well enough. ahhhhhh. They both ate in front of their respective programmes, one on the living room, one in the basement. Smallest went off to school, luckily we were outside early enough because the bus came five minutes early and didn't even stop at ClownRose's house (she wasn't pleased).

Small sat in his room reading and I went back to bed with my breakfast and MrSelfridge. I tried to sleep but lying down hurt my head too much so I grabbed Small and we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. We stopped for a hot drink and lunch later where Huffle joined us and we watched part of The Jump before Huffle had to rush back to work (he doesn't even get a full lunch hour these days). He Facetimed Grandma and Grandad and they showed us their lovely tea at Barnsdale Gardens. Clotted cream too ummmmm.

Small and I finished Harry Potter and I tried it go to sleep but he woke me to ask if he could watch TV so I left him to it and went back to bed where I slept for about 25-30 minutes. It must have been a power nap because I felt properly rested.

Small and I played Robin Hood (I won) and Alhambra (he won) and then we made a Gruffalo Crumble (Apple and Strawberry) and put jacket potatoes in the oven for later. Smallest came home, MrsPiano came and lessons were done. Small is playing the Star Wars Theme and The Cantina Band (from Star Wars) and Smallest is playing Oh Susannah and one about an astronaut!!

Small and Huffle had their dinner early and went off to football practice and Small and I had ours later and rested.

Late on the evening we had an email to say that we had won 1st place on the Summer Themed Competition. Oh yes! Huffle will be wearing the winners sash around the Hamlet for the next year (his words) the bloody idiot! (My words).


Aunt Pear said...

Champions, well done team, it looked good, just shows thinking outside the box works. Hope you all feel better soon. x

Sarah Tomson said...

🎉 hope you get a good prize 😃
Hope you all feel better soon - lots of rest and soup needed xx

famfa said...

It's not easy thinking of 'summer' when it's minus and snowy. At least our humour worked this time. Thanks x

famfa said...

It's the prestige we want ha ha. Yes good idea Sarah. I'll make a vitamin c enhanced soup xx