Friday, 26 February 2016

Costyn and Arson visit

The temperature is getting a little warmer but it still snowed a bit. Unfortunately it wasn't quite warm enough and all the snow left on the drive has now formed into ice. Everywhere is really slippery. The boys went to school, Huffle worked in his bunker and I had a day of baking for Huffle's birthday tomorrow.

I started by vacuuming all the downstairs floors and antibax'ing the work surfaces. I always like to start with a clean slate (I told Huffle it was in case I dropped anything on the floor, then I could pick it up and it would be clean ha ha). My first bake was a Victoria Sponge which Huffle requested. I soon realised we were completely out of sugar so I had to go to the local shop (stand and deliver) to get a bag. The mixture went well and went into the oven. Next I made some flapjack which is for the football gang tomorrow. Then I made some Chocolate Orange Muffins (Huffles favourite out of all the muffins I have made).

By then it was lunchtime and we ate and watched another Gotham episode. I cleared the whole kitchen and cleaned it, emptied the dishwasher, filled it again and went out to buy wrapping paper which I used to wrap Huffles presents when I got back. Then I went for a half an hour walk in the Hamlet by myself as ClownRose was in Toronto.

I got back just before the boys and started making the buttercream for the Sponge Cake. It also had a thick layer of homemade strawberry jam. I icing sugared the top............

Smallest wanted his friends to come and play so I stopped briefly to pick them up and they all played in the basement on the Wii. I then made icing for the chocolate muffins which was Chocolate orange too.......

Once again I had to clear the whole kitchen and clean and empty the dishwasher and fill it again plus various bits of washing up. I made some dough in the bread machine earlier and made Small and Huffle a pizza which they ate early and went off to their football.

After Smallest's friends went home, we had our pizza and watched Honey we shrunk ourselves.

This absolute prat (above) pulled out on the roundabout in front of me (huge long honk of my horn) and then almost failed to leave the roundabout (more honking from me) because he was going too fast and not looking as he was too busy messing with something attached up high on his windscreen (more honking). He sped for up the road (no police Pah) and then when we got to the Hamlet, just in front of the schoo, he overtook a lorry and a car, almost hitting a car reversing out of their drive and going over the crossroads without stopping. I would like to report him. I wonder if I can. I made it very obvious I was taking a photo of his car!!!

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