Sunday, 28 February 2016

One wet foot and a new Italian

The boys and I made Huffle waffles for breakfast (birthday weekend) and late morning, Small and I went to Football Development Skills. It was a good session and Small worked hard. I chatted to one of the players Dad's who I know from Summer Football. He is considering applying for Assistant Coach for Huffles team. He is from Central America and very passionate about football so they could be a good pair together.

At home Smallest and Huffle were playing on the Wii. Small was very tired and achey after his football and I promised him lunch after his shower. While he was showering though we decided as it was such a lovely day (+12* and sunny) that we would go for a walk along the beach. We forgot to tell Small and made the mistake of sending Smallest up to ask Small what he wanted as a snack. Poor Small was very upset and we could hear him shouting "but I want my lunch, No I don't want a snack, I want lunch". Once we gave him half a sandwich and a piece of cake and explained where we were going, he was a little happier (well that's a lie really he thought we were all horrible and didn't care that he had worked hard and his legs hurt).

Still we drove to the beach and had a very slow and steady walk along the beach, picking up beach glass, throwing stones into the lake and playing with a bouncy ball we found until I trod on it and squashed it. Huffle also found a 1953 English made die cast Lesney Muir Hill Dump Truck (possibly worth $30 but ours is not in the best condition, we are going to keep it though). Small moaned about the walking but he was fine really. We were having a lovely time until Smallest decided to run towards the lake but forgot to stop and ended up with his foot fully in the water. That's when we decided to come away and find somewhere for dinner. We originally chose a Fish and Chip shop but it was closed so we went to an Italian place we have never been to before because it is normally closed. Today they saw us in the car park and beckoned us in. It was a huge place and we were the only ones there. However, the food was amazing and the service very good. We loved it and will definitely be going back.

The partly frozen lake
Sword fighting, tree climbing and selfies

At home later, Smallest played football outside and Small and Huffle played on the Wii.


Tonight's sunset

Tomorrow MrBasement and Jim are here to finish the kitchen. More upheaval!


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