Thursday, 4 February 2016

No Pants here!

As I put Smallest to bed last night he complained of an ear ache so I put olive oil and cotton wool in his ear (which he thought was very funny, he asked if the cotton wool would fall in) and later gave him some painkillers. This morning I awoke to find a trail of spots of blood from Smallest's room to the bathroom, resulting in what looked like a massacre in the sink. I guessed Smallest had had a nose bleed during the night. I cleaned up the mess and checked on him watching TV. He didn't come and get us during the night because he "cleaned it up myself" - ummmmm really? He did look a state this morning with his dried bloodied nose and a scratch under his nose resembling half an eccentric moustache across his face. His earache had gone though he was a little deaf in that ear. I think this is all related to his cold.

I had a nice slow morning knitting my next hat after I waved the boys off for school and didn't realise that Huffle was busy building our 'Summer Theme' for the Winter Carnival Competiton. We decided that our theme was going to be "Hamlet Nudist Beach". Huffle moved two of our chairs to the front garden and put up an umbrella. I helped him move some other 'Summer' related stuff and much later on hung bits of underwear, socks, cossies and the like on the tree and surrounding areas.

Today I went out for an adventure with ClownRose and her little man Fin. She picked me up in her 30 year old Ford Crown Victoria and we went to the local Herb Garden Centre for a mooch around. Then we went on to a local bakery where we had a lovely lunch and very very long chat. I got to cuddle Fin (he is just 5 1/2 months old and very cuddleable but very dribbly too). While we were out I got a call from the Principal. Smallest had been in an accident during a football game (I was marvelling at how the Principal had called it football and not soccer and thought she had done it because I was British but I later found out it was becuase they were playing American Football!) where someone did a two hand touch which resulted in another person falling over onto Smallest and pushing their hands into his face which resulted in a split lip. She said he was in the wrong playground with the older kids and had established that it was definitely an accident (not sure why I needed to be called then) and that he had ice on it and was okay. So now we have a scratch on his face, a split lip and a bloodied nose. That's my champ. Small hurt his knee yesterday as basketball and it was still sore this morning so we put some magic gel on it and it is now fine.

Eventually we came home and I finished dressing the 'Summer Theme'. Our Winter Carnival always has a Snow Sculpture Competiton. This year as there is no snow, it has been changed to a Summer Theme Competition and we have to pretend it is 25*. We were going to make it a British Summer and suspend loads of umbrellas but that didn't work with the 25* part. A man drove past earlier and shouted "it's perfect". It gets judged tomorrow at noon. When the boys came home, Smallest wrote on the sign for me. He wrote "RULES. 1. No Pants" And at the bottom, "BY ORDER OF SMALLEST".

If it wasn't for all the leaves, it could almost be a Summers Day

I got on with dinner while the boys did homework, chores and played on their tablets. It's nice to have a night in where we don't have to do anything. After dinner we watched The Jump.


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