Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Arc de Malcom

Yesterday Aunty A drove from London to see us for our night out. 

She read to Small and Smallest while I was making the dinner. It was a story about an elephant with no nose - how does he smell? AWFUL!

I had a fabulous evening out with "The Moral Guardians".  We had a wonderful time.  Aunty A and Aunty Miaow and I went to a bar and had our first drink, giggles and caughted up on all our news.

Actually this was us at home before we went out - whoops

Aunty A checking if the self timer worked on her camera - IT DID!

Aunty Miaow has just got engaged to her lovely boyfriend - ahhh bless.

Gorgeous ring with a lovely story about how it was made etc.

Then Aunty Snow met up with us and we went to an Italian Restaurant.  The food was fabulous.

Lots of Mozzarella, Calamari and Goats cheese was consumed, then Pizza and Pasta (and Beer)

Who me?

The Moral Guardians and me.
..and then you'll never guess what he said then?.....
I forgot the Italian word for Waiter so I shouted 'camera' to the man serving - whoops that meant ROOM (should have been cameriere).  He said it didn't matter which word I used and called me "Sunshine" with a twinkle in his eye - oooohh not sure what he was getting at there!

We all had Honeycomb Cheesecake - YUMMMMMMMM

And this was a jar of pickled things in the restaurant - cool
The Arc de Malcolm -
possibly not as glamorous as the Arc de triumph - we laughed alot about this one.  Maybe we had had one or two beers by then.

Today I met up with my old friend from my season ticket holder days at Leicester City.  I have known him for over 15 years now and it was lovely to catch up and lunch with him.  However, he rang me earlier and said he got a parking ticket - we were a little bit late back to the car park (40 mins) because the waitress took Soooooooo long with our order.  Maybe he should send her the bill.  He said that it was worth £25 to see me one more time before we went - ahhh bless.

Smallest came home from school with Lucky the Lion today because "for doing a good box and taking a long time and I did it for a long time" - we think he means that he spent his time making a lovely box.  When they get Lucky home from school, we have to play with him, write about what we did with him and draw a picture or take photos of him.  Then read a story that Lucky brings with him.  Smallest did some lovely writing about Lucky helping him with some magic tricks.


Taxi is booked to take us to the airport.

Hire car is booked to take us from the airport to the rental house.

Bags for the plane have been purchased.

Airbed for the rental house for the boys has been bought.

I think that's it for now.


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