Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tired Boys

Had a sugarcrafting session with 'Em' today and a tea and gossip with Everett.

Huffle and I went out for dinner at lunchtime today and spent last Christmas' garden centre voucher (couldn't take it with us).  We bought two Chrsitmas decorations that we think will look lovely in our new house.

Smallest had 'Art' round to play after school while Small went to play at 'Bomberdill's' house.

Chillin' after a hard day at school

Watching TV

Playing a Thomas game

C'mon Smallest, your turn

On the way home, Art told me that the moon was driven around by someone peddling it and it crashed into the clouds sometimes - ahhh lovely.

When I got back from taking Art home and picking Small up, Smallest and Huffle were cuddled up on the sofa.

Ahhhhh bless them

Huffe has sold his car.  I've got to sell mine now.

We have 'tipped' the rubbish and 'charitied' the not so rubbish.

Huffle has had his Visa papers through which means we can now GO anytime we like.  Might wait till we have exchanged on the house though.  This is looking like it might be this Friday and we are still looking to move out on the 18th November.

Everett and Rach have lent us airbeds for the one night we will be in the house without furniture - so thanks for that girls.


Anonymous said...

Far too late to text now!
Um, the clogs have been ticking – Everett? Is it because I’m “Everett” your house -? Rupert Everett? An acronym? Help.


Ps great reading.

famfa said...


Anonymous said...

Kenny Everett – why didn’t I think of that. Does Huffle think I’m funny ha, ha or funny as not quite right? I’m happy to go with that, and nobody will know it’s me.
Thank you for listening today. Love the kitchen in Canada - wish me and Em could sit in there every week for coffee!!Xx