Monday, 14 November 2011

Jars and Antlers

Last night I had the brilliant idea that I would empty all my jars of food stuffs ready for the shippers to pack up. So I emptied the contents into bags and Tupperware. Then I completely took them apart. I detached the metal clasps and the lids and washed it all (not the metal as I knew it would rust) in the dishwasher.

Oh how lovely they looked all clean and gleaming.

Then I realised what a nightmare it was trying to get all the bits back together. AAArrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh. Why did I think this was such a good idea.

Now I am left with many lidless jars and a pile of metal fixings. Good one - STUPID.

Huffle and I went off to Moo's this morning to pick up a table. She doesn't want it anymore and we really like it. It's my inheritance she tells me! We also picked up a load of duvets, sheets, towels, pillows etc ready for Thursday night when we will have no beds or bedding.

So my car is full of table and bedding - and we forgot to pick up the chairs. Doh! There is no way we'd have fit them in anyway.

On the way home we stopped off at a lovely country pub in Peatling Parva for a 2 course meal. Yummy. I know I said there were no more meals....... I was lying. On the ceiling of the pub were lots of antler light fittings. Interesting!


HUFFLE AND THE ANTLER LIGHT - looks like its on fire but it isn't

This evening we decorated Smallest's tee-shirt with spots ready for Children in Need on Friday, then we found a glow stick and ran around the kitchen in the dark.

SMALLEST AND GLOWSTICK - makes him look like an alien



Shippers are here tomorrow to start the packing process.

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marina said...

Hi sam it was lovley to see you and husband today glad you had a nice meal and it looks like you didnt cause any trouble