Saturday, 12 November 2011


Last night we had a fun night out with our friends "The Maltesers" (so called because that's what we eat when we go to their house!!).  We walked to the Indian Restaurant and whilst we were eating our starters we were entertained by a magician.

He was very good - I tried to watch him very very closely but couldn't see how he did any of the tricks - IT MUST BE MAGIC!

The Maltesers

Back to their house for some Maltesers and After Eights - OF COURSE.

Mrs Malteser - after one or two ciders!

Mr Maltesers trying to stay awake.

"Mr Malteser, why did the end fall off the didgeridoo?"

I think Mr Malteser has fallen asleep - he made it to five and twenty to twelve.  Which is much better than his average record for staying awake.


Huffle and Grandad are off to Wembley today to see England play Spain.  Huffle had the bright idea of printing Tee-shirts for the two of them.

Grandad's was to read "Fabio, I played with Shilts when I was litte, if you want an experienced midfielder to put the boot in, I'm your man" and Huffle's was to read "Fabio, I didn't play with Shilts when I was little but if you want a fox in the box, then I'm your man". 

However, after painstakingly printing it in reverse so it would read correctly when ironed and ironing it onto the tee-shirt - he quickly realised that he had attached the print onto the iron itself (great all sticky now - lovely) and also onto the tee-towel that he was protecting the iron with.  DOH - guess who is left with a tee towel printed with reverse words and a sticky mess of an iron.  Have fun at football Huffle and Grandad.

Oh No - its stuck to the towel instead of the shirt!

Blank shirt and sticky iron


I am looking forward to seeing my good friend "York" today.  She is travelling for two hours to go out this evening for a farewell dinner.  Ah bless her.    There are eight of us going out tonight for Tapas.  Should be good fun. 

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