Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday's Bear Hunt on a Golf Buggy

A good nights sleep from all of us (with Smallest waking a few times for bumping into Small and being kicked accidentally).

Our house (the small one attached to the big one - the big one is amazing, gorgeous, lovely, warm)

I awoke this morning full of cold and a thumping head. Smallest came into bed with us and made big funny shadows on the ceiling?!?!?

We all got up at 5am (uk time 10am - confusing). Then we had a bit of toast and put all the clothes away.

At 8am (1pm uk) I went outside to take some photos wearing socks, jeans and tee-shirt - oh my, it was biting cold. I decided I might need a bit more clothes (I was going to put a fleece on anyway but maybe thicker socks and a scarf and maybe even a hat).

We ventured out to Stouffville for proper breakfast. TEMPERATURE -2*. Boy that's cold. Need some warmer clothes.

Had second breakfast at Buggy's. They Boys tried $5 chocolate pancakes. Small loved them but Smallest wasn't so keen so he had a poached egg. I had countless refills of coffee.

We took a drive past our new house so we could show the boys.

A different view of our house.  Oh I want to live there NOW.

View from our rental house out the back - the house sits in 95 acres of fields and woods.  Lovely.

We popped into our neighbours (who own our rental house) and had a cup of tea (tetley) and they took us to Zehrs, a Canadian Supermarket (well actually I drove a Nissan Morano - nice, cruise control, automatic, heated seats - do I need one of these?). We did some shopping and then came back and had a lovely lunch.

Smallest fell asleep on the way home 2pm here (7pm UK Bedtime).  Bless him, his body clocks gone wrong.

we bought the boys some thermal underwear so we had a fashion show when we got back.
ooh nice


Then we went on a Bear Hunt.  We went to catch a big one.  What a beautiful day.  We weren't scared!  Actually, Smallest wanted to walk back because his legs were too tired and Small and Huffle carried on and saw a woodpecker.  Small and I then had a drive on the Golf Buggy round the grounds, joined by Small and Huffle.  It was very funny.  I was in charge of the pedals and Small and Smallest took it in turns to steer - well I say steer, more like crash bang wallop!

Smallest steering?

Keep to the path Smallest

Look at that sunset, no not you Smallest, you keep your eyes on the field ahead

I have read many comments, texts and emails today wishing us all the best, missing us, congratulating us on such a big move.  To all I say Thank You.  At the moment it feels like a holiday and I wonder what it will be like once Huffle goes to work and the kids go to school.  It's not real yet.  The boys and I have written our first letter home.  Huffle has his first work meeting booked for a place called St Johns.  We looked at this on a map and it is a long way away.  I am not looking forward to him going away and leaving us (even if it's just one night).  But that's his job and that's why we're here!  

Huffle asked Small what he thought about his first full day in Canada.  He said he didn't like it.  He liked his old home better.  Oh!!  He asked Small the same and he said enjoyed everything especially the golf buggy. Yea!


Anonymous said...

-2c to the Canadians is warm, I bet they were still wearing shorts! Little house and big house looks lovely. Body clocks soon snap into the rhythm, the trick is to make yourself do everything on your new timezone, and not have a nap in the afternoon cause it's bed time in England!


Anonymous said...

Oh, meant to say your blog is on UK time! This post says Tuesday, but it's really still Monday, lol!


Mary Ann said...

Welcome to Canada!!!! I'm glad to see you made it safe and sound. I'll take a bit of time to get yourself settled.

Mary Ann said...

Ha ha...I meant it will take a bit of time to get settled:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Famfa
Wow love the rental house and all that land, and your home to be I bet you cannot wait.
Getting cold! Good job you didn’t pack too many clothes – I feel a shopping trip for you coming on but the thermals for Small and Smallest are cool. Tell Small W without a talk partner.
I hope your body clocks start adjusting soon. Tell Small from me he’s missing nothing and I’m jealous.
Lots of love Everett xxx

Anonymous said...

It was so lovely to catch up on your news. Have been thinking about you since I woke up Sunday morning. We are very jealous of your back garden, I mean wilderness. Have just shown the kids your blog they are suitably impressed with everything. I hope your body clocks settle down soon. Take care and I look forward to hearing more soon. Love Wend and the Chappos x

marina said...

hi all it all looks lovely i would'nt like the -2 you'r new house looks great lot's of space for the boys to run around in the garden hope you hav'nt made any trouble yet in any cafes say hello to the boy's for me and wish them good look at there new school x