Thursday, 3 November 2011


Today at school it was Funky Thursday.  The kids got to dress up in any way they wanted to raise money for a Trim Trail at their school.

You can't really see from the picture but Smallest dressed as a dragon with odd socks on!

Small chose odd socks and a bright orange t-shirt with stripes underneath - neither looked too outrageous but I guess it's a nice change from uniform.

Achievement Assembley again this afternoon - Smallest's class won the "lining up trophy" - never had one of those when I was at school!

Huffle's car has gone to a new home.

There is a chance my car is also sold (nearer to the time we leave the house though).

Solicitors rang to say we would be exchanging tomorrow.

.............And I have got a poorly eye.  It has been cloudy all day (thought it was from my hot shower this morning - all fogged up).  Got some eye drops from the Pharmacy but it is getting worse.  It is half closed, weeping and really sore! 

I did take a photo but it looks awful and I didn't want to put anyone off their dinner!

Oh well, off to the docs tomorrow.

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