Monday, 7 November 2011

Nit one Purl One

I had a great lunch today with my friend in a lovely country pub - should have had a roaring log fire but the manager said they couldn't light it for health and safety reasons. Booooo. That's rubbish, what's the world coming too. You can't light an open fire on a cold and crispy day? PAH!

I met Chap over eight years ago when we met at Ante Natal class. Our eldest boys get on really well and always have.  Our Smallest's get on well together too.   In fact little chap was once Smallest's girlfriend. Ah bless.

Chap got me tickets for the Adele concert we went to ages ago and to repay her she asked me to make her a tea cosy. Well finally I finished it. Here is a picture of her holding her new cosy plus the teapot I've had for ages (well it IS made to measure you know). Wonder what she's been making her tea in?

Doesn't her poppy match well with the cosy?

Huffle was at home today "doing admin". He has has cancelled contracts, insurance, tv licence, phones, redirected post, etc etc etc. well done Huffle.

Small and Smallest both played football after school and thoroughly enjoyed it, however, Small came home with lots of friends today. Not the ones that stay for dinner or the ones that parents pick up when you've had enough of them, OH NO - the little friends that I've been dreading coming home since the day he started school (or pre-school) all those years ago. NITS. yuk. They are horrible. No one else in our house has got them - thank goodness - whose head has he been snuggled up to? I can't stop scratching but I guess that's just the thought of them.

He has been treated and hopefully that's it for a while (have to treat again and keep an eye out for a few weeks).  Hadn't planned on taking them to Canada - they haven't got a passport!

My eye got worse and then it got better and then the other eye got worse but they look much better now. Still using the drops but at least I don't look like the elephant man and they are not as bloodshot as they were - looked like I had a drinking problem!!

For my birthday this year, Huffle ordered me some icing cutters from eBay. This was over a month ago and still they haven't turned up. So he sent them a note and asked for his money back. This was the reply he received (word for word):-

Hi dear buyer,So sorry for delay issue given to u .
Do apologize for the unstable logistics shipment, do hope get your kindly understanding.
We do understand your concerns, We will arrange the refund ASAP, and you can repay us when it reach you finally. Is that fine?
Pls hope you believe in us.we are the honest sellers and we can take full responsibility for that.
Any questions ,pls feel free to contact with us . Nice day.

Something tells me that the person writing this is NOT called Sidney!  BTW the shipment was from China!

I wanted to show you my wellies that I went out in today (IT WAS RAINING!)

I waked around the village taking photos on my way - I thought it would be nice to show the kids when they are older, to show them where they were born (Small says "I wasn't born in that Village - I was born in a hospital!"  You want photos of the hospital Small - I can get that!!!!

the walk back from the Post Office past the garden where Small used to smell the Lavender

The slope Small used to slide down when it snowed and the house where his friend lived before they moved away - we would wave through the window. 
Also Smallest will always stop here on his scooter and ask me to pull him up the hill

The church that rings every Friday (and used to keep Small awake)

The triangle where the chip van used to stop and Huffle would knock on the tree while Small listened for the squirrels

The Telephone Box Small liked to go in when he was a toddler and the bit of green where Smallest likes to pick up fir cones and dandelion heads

Both Small and Smallest like to post their letters here (even though Smallest can't really reach without going around the back of it)

I'm sure there will be lots more of these before we go.  sniff sniff - ahhh lovely memories.


Anonymous said...

I don't want you to go :-(

Guess who xx

famfa said...

How's your bird table? X

Anonymous said...

Won't fit ruined the side of the house so is going over the fence when we get chance. When it's in situ I'll send you a photo x

PS don't want u to go :-(