Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I say! Could you tell me what to do with my Teabag?

I had a delightful day out to a localish village/town with my wonderful, superb friend Yahoo.  We shopped, browsed, had lunch and even sneaked a coffee and chocs.

Me holding my teabag on a spoon

 I had a cup of tea at lunchtime with my baguette.  ....but there was nowhere to put my teabag - was it unreasonable for me to ask "Where can I put my teabag please?" and waited for the waitress to bring me a saucer and dispose of it for me.  Yahoo thought I was being akward but its a fair question.  She says she finds people who drink tea always find fault - i.e. its too weak, it's too strong, it's too  milky.....   nothing wrong with that I say!

When our baguettes arrived, Yahoo had a problem with the fact that they didn't look like baguettes but oversized rolls......

Yahoo - Should a baguette be crusty and long or soft and fat?

What do you think?  Personally I think that Baguette eaters always find fault!!!!

We found a fabulous little charity shop that sold some brilliant things.  She bought a set of Art Deco Tableware and I bought these:-

English Butter Dish

GORGEOUS - Huffle is going to give them to me for Christmas - I know I shouldn't but they were English China and so adorable I just couldn't resist.......  and only £12.95 for the lot!  BARGAIN.  1960's Soho Pottery.

We then found a little Chocolate Bar (not the one's you eat but an actual Chocolate Cafe).  We indulged in two chocs and a coffee each

Yahoo had Pink Champagne (well she would) and a salted caramel

Salted Caramel

...and I had a Baileys Truffle and A White Choc Truffle.  YUMM

Ummmm chocolate
We had a fit of giggles in there and we aplologised to a lady who was sitting in the corner on her own.  She said "Oh please, never stop laughing, it's lovely to hear".   Honestly we were laughing at the silliest things - I can't even tell you.

Just some random pictures to show you:-

Saw these in a shop and thought I could make some!

Now you probably can't tell properly but this young man (how old am I????) had his trousers round his knees (as you do!) and when he walked away he waddled like a duck - I tell you - why can't they just pull their trousers up - Yahoo says she will never let Big P'Tator out like that!!!!

I'm not sure if you can see this picture well but there is a lovely old snow shoe - ahhhh I want some of those.

I'm writing this earlier than usual today because I am out this evening with The Moral Guardians - I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

!!!!! Posted my comment on eat your greens, so here it is again:-
Hi Famfa,
Excellent pictures of the village. John Lewis one of my favourite stores - I feel like I have been to see all of the Christmas decorations, and your rental house looks lovely!!!
A fun day for you today with Yahoo and great china – more for you to pack!!!
Enjoy your night out. You and Huffle will need to go to Canada for a rest – busy, busy, busy!!!!!
Love Everett