Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Shipping Forecast

The shippers arrived at 9:15 this morning. Two will be with us for the three days and two extra for just today. OMG I can't believe how quickly they move. I was about to tell them which craft stuff to leave and they'd already packed it. Oh well at least they took the decision out of my hands.

Huffle and I have been running round the house frantically putting things we don't want packed just yet on all the beds. I can't believe how much stuff has been packed and how many boxes we have used.

Our bed!!

Our hall

Our lounge

Smallest's room - not sure what he will say when he sees this. He's really struggling with it all at the moment. Bless him, he's only four. What must he think?

when the kids got home they found an empty box, climbed in and watched tv. Funny things!

This evening we met Aunty Miaow and Uncle Tuc for dinner at a local pub. Small had sausage, mash and beans. He found a hair in his dinner and started shouting "I've got a sausage hair, I've got a sausage hair". The waitress rushed over and instantly tried to solve his problem. She asked if we wanted it changed but Small said "it's fine, unless I find a wig!"

Aunty Miaow and Uncle Tuc came back and tucked the kids up and read them one last story. Ahhhhhhh the boys will certainly miss them.

Now Huffle and I need to do some more sorting. We thought the shippers had packed his suitcase with his suits and shirts and pants etc. whoops, but we found it. That could have been interesting!


Anonymous said...

Looks very organized!!! Yikes...

Hope smallest is ok - bless him. Lots of extra kisses and cuddles (if you've got time). It's suddenly very real now.

Love Yahoo

PS don't want you to go :-(

marina said...

i told you every where you go you make trouble x

Anonymous said...

Well Famfa it’s really happening now & I’m still following daily. What a busy day and what do the shipping men eat for breakfast to work at that speed. Hopefully the first day is the worst day, and it will calm down tomorrow AND I’ll see you for a well deserved coffee, cake and chat.

Everett xx

Sarah Tomson said...

Wow - they move fast
It doesn't look like there can be much more left to pack!

Hope Small and Smallest are ok