Saturday, 5 November 2011

Meadows, Hats and Fireworks

We went to see our lovely friends the "Elderflower-Meadows" this morning. Lots of laughter and reminiscing. The kids played on the laptop and with Lego.

J and Mimo Elderfower-Meadow


Smallest and Small on laptop

KT - Oh whaddya want now?

Computer Whizz Kids

KT showed us her street dancing.

That's one family we will dearly miss.

Grandad came round for lunch from the Chip Van today and helped Smallest choose some hats to wear for the bonfire.

Umm - Mummy's hat - yes that works!

Ooh look says Smallest - there's a flower on it

What about this one?

No - it looks better on me
(NOTE:  What are those strange teeth?)

Then we all got ready in our lovely warm hats, gloves, scarves (and Huffle put on his Mick Jaggers - base layer trousers with a pin stripe - he he).

We went to a firewaork display at a Garden Centre not too far away.

We met up with Grandad, Aunt and Uncle Pear.

Smallest and Grandad

The boys had Hot Dogs and Hot Chololate.

If you squint you can just see Unc Pear and Huffle

The Bonfire was huge with more than one Guy on top.

The fireworks were very impressive. 







Then we all went home

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