Friday, 18 November 2011

Flat Bed

No photos today as I am using Moo's computer and there is no wifi so can't transfer the pics - pooh!

Last night we all slept on the airbeds - well I say 'slept'!  The one that Huffle and I were on went down every two hours.  We went to bed (in the living room) at about 11.  Then at 1am ish we were flat as a pancake and sleeping on the floor - OUCH.  So we got up, bleary eyed, pumped up the matress (waking Small in the meantime with  all the noise from the foot pump - we did have an electric pump loaned to us by Em but it was lke a hamster blowing into the bed!).

Anyway, back to sleep we went.  Until 4am when we awake on the floor again - airbed flat!  Up we got, pumped it up - woke Small - back to sleep.  This happened again when we awoke at 6am - this time we stayed where we were - too tired to even care where we were.  Small and Smallest bounded in - we shouted - NO DON'T JUMP ON THE BED - IT'S NOT INFLATED!!!!   OOOhhh - soooo tired now.

We spent alot of last night trying to fit things in bags that really didn't want to fit.  Had a terrible Pizza which made lots of strange noises in the night - wind like noises - not from the BED!

This morning we frantically cleaned, tidied, stuffed bags, emptied Pantry and cupbopards and finally got the call from the Solicitors at 11am to say that the money had been transferred and that we could take the key to the Estate Agents.  Moo had to take a load of bags to her house and come back and Uncle Pear came and picked up more bags and took them to Grandmas house.  We took the house key in to the Estate Agent, had a chat with the lovely Jo and went off for a much deserved coffee with Moo.  Lizziedotdot met us for another coffee and then we had a wander round the local town.

When I picked up the kids from school there were lots of people wanting to say Goodbye and hugging us and giving us cards.  The kids both had teeshirts which their friends had signed.  It was hard saying Goodbye to LizzieDotDot and her lovely boys.  We will skype them lots and write and email all the time.

Then we went and said a final goodbye to Everett.  Don't like saying Goodbye - it's really hard.

Moo and I took Smallest to swimming - he worked hard and got another badge - HURRAH - well done Smallest.

Huffle and Small went on the Bus and then a taxi to Grandmas.

We have had our tea, Smallest is watching CBeebies, waiting for a Skype call from Small and Huffle. 

Moo and I are going to settle down in front of the TV, drink wine and eat chocolate.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Famfa,
I don’t possibly know who would lend you a 2 hourly self-inflating airbed – most inconsiderate!!!! You certainly had a memorable last night in your beautiful home. I should think you all slept extremely well last night, and can kind of relax today, although lots more tears and emotions.. Enjoy you last day with your family.
Bon voyage you will be dearly missed. Such a wonderful friend and fabulous family.
Lots of love and best wishes Everett xxx