Tuesday, 16 April 2013

2 minutes or 102?

Smallest came in to our room to tell me that his covers were all twisted. i had to go and smooth his bed!!! Poor Small came in at 'silly o'clock' this morning to tell us that his throat hurt really badly. Huffle took him to the doctors and he has Strep Throat again. They came back with some medicine. A different one this time so hopefully it might clear it up full stop.

Poorly boy

Smallest went off to school and Grandma and Small stayed at home and looked after each other. (Grandma wasn't ill but we asked Small to look after her all the same).

Grandad, Huffle and I went off to the Garden Centre (the one I work at), had a chat, walked around and got a present from Margery Dawes of some Chocolate Hobnobs which she bought back from the shop she works in (British Shop). We went to another Garden Centre but it wasn't open yet. So we popped to Canadian Tire to pick up a few things.

Need I say more?

We had a lovely lunch and then went off to another hardware shop to buy some garden trays and a garden fork. We came home and Grandma was ironing and Small was watching TV. We played Lego Creation.

Grandma's light bulb!?!...........Granddad's Cat!?!....................Alfie's Volcano

Huffle's Bat..........My Drum Set..............Smallest's Beach

Smallest came home and joined in too. He had had a good day at school but when I asked him what he had done he said "oh why do I have to answer those questions?". I was just interested that's all!

Grandad and Huffle played with the door handle. A job that would take 2 minutes, so Grandad said, well I gave up timing them after it got past 52 minutes. However, they have done a good job and we can now not only open and close the sun room door, we can also lock it! (Hey Moo! Good job guys!).

Smallest and I played on the swing.

And the jungle gym


Small went to bed feeling sick and then got up after about half an hour feeling much better. Grandma, Small, Smallest and I walked around the garden and I cleared the first vegetable bed, moved the compost bin and emptied the small amount of compost in there. Grandad thinks we can move some of the leaf compost from the bottom of the garden onto the veggie beds. Small walked around with my camera taking photographs.

Obviously feeling a bit better!

Grandma sneaking in a quick cuddle

His little brother



And feeling even more better!

The boys had dinner and Small watched TV. Grandma made us a Salmon dinner.

Huffle planted some seeds and Smallest helped to make plant labels.

Tomorrow we all have tickets for the Theatre in Toronto. Hopefully everyone will be well and fit!


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Aunt Pear said...

Sounds a good day, did Huffle take a days holiday, great photo of him with Grandad, cheesy grin.