Monday, 1 April 2013


Last night Huffle used his new Egg Slicer present. He said it made him remember the Cricket Tea days.

It slices mushrooms well too, I tried a banana this morning but it wasn't quite right!!

The sun was shining so brightly though our bedroom window this morning. It was beautiful. However, it did snow on and off all day and the temperature has dipped. There is also a bitter wind (and Grandad's not even here yet ha!). The snow is very much disappearing. Thank Goodness.

Cyril is now fully emerged and Ducky has his neck craning out. There are bits of green grass poking through too.

By 9am, I had already text Huffle at work to tell him to come home and that he couldn't leave me here at home with the boys. Before 9am, Smallest had ripped the top of Small's toenail off, broken the antenna off the remote control car he had for his birthday and Small had left Smallest in the basement with no lights on. There was much running about, screaming, shouting, fighting. (From all of us - me included!).

I regained power and got them dressed and Small doing his homework. Smallest and I built a castle from a book Grandma had sent for Smallest's birthday. Order was returned, if only for a short while.

We skyped Grandma and Grandad and Moo and they watched while we put the castle together bit by bit. Once Small's homework was done we all played a bit with the castle and then had a quick sandwich before we drove to our local Town to the Cinema.

There was a huge queue. It is a very small cinema and is normally empty when we go but obviously no-one knew what to do today so they all piled in to the tiny cinema to see The Croods with us. We had to sit on th second from front row.

It was a good film - the kids loved it.

We came home. The boys played with their Lego and wrestling rings. Aunt Pear skyped and we got to talk to her, HB and CousinPest. Smallest played the trumpet for them. He didn't know the National Athem but did know the Canadian National Anthem (only because they HAVE to sing it everyday at school!).

I made Meatball and Beetballs and then we all had a game of Disney Monopoly. The boys played on the Wii while I finished dinner. Huffle came home and we all ate.

Smallest and Huffle boxed and wrestled and we all played Monopoly Disney. Huffle won and the boys went to bed. Huffle and I played TT.

Phew, it's been a tough day today. At some point during the night, someone stole my patience, I hope they bring it back tomorrow!



Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Is Easter monday not a bank holiday in Canada? It is here so no work for Mr Rumbleskins. Poor Huffle poor Famfa!

Aunt Pear said...

Good trumpet playing by Smallest, especially through his nose! Nice to chat, catch up and watch you make dinner. Poor Huffle having to work Easter Monday, which left you with two boys with too much energy, perhaps all the chocolate from the eggs the day before? x