Monday, 29 April 2013

I love you a bit more than Bacon

Smallest woke us at 1am with a torch in the face and a whisper that he had had an accident. It was just his PJ bottoms, and I didn't appreciate being woken just to watch him change his trousers and climb back into bed. I had to speak to him this morning about it. It took Huffle and I over an hour to get back to sleep. The rain was lashing down all night. At least our plants got a good watering in.

The bigger boys went off today, leaving Smallest and I home together. He played on the computer while I did a quick workout, shower and breakfast. I put my hand on the cooker ring (that I had just boiled the kettle on) and burnt my fingers and then made a cafetiere for myself and as I pushed the plunger down, the coffee spurted upwards and burnt my arm and other hand. I am staying away from the chain saw today just in case!! Not feeling so lucky!

Moo skyped me while Smallest had a bath and we had a good chat and catch up. Smallest read some jokes to her from his magazines. She showed me our beautiful Amaryllis we left with her.


After lunch, Smallest and I went shopping for food. We purchased, packed, paid and came home and packed it all away. We did five jigsaw puzzles in a row and skyped LizzieDotDot. We haven't spoken for ages so it was lovely to catch up properly. She saw Small come home and he told us about being in Trouble at school and answering his teacher back. He said she threatened to ring me this evening but was adamant that she wouldn't. Ah ha, imagine his surprise when she did ring. He was very red faced as he passed me the phone. She told me she was ringing me because she was worried about Small's behaviour. She said his work was great and wasn't suffering but she had found him rather disrespectful towards her and was not the normal nice Small she was used to. Now I know that he doesn't like her and he certainly does not respect her as a teacher, however I also know that he should show her respect as his teacher so I asked her if the people around him acted in the same way. She said that yes some of them did and she was worried too that they were rubbing off on him. I told her I would talk to him and thanked her for calling.

Small and I then had a long conversation about respect. I told him he needed to have more respect for me, Huffle and his teachers and in fact anyone who was older than him. That if his teacher asked him to do something he should just do it and if he felt his teacher was wrong, he should discuss it with us and we would follow it up should we need to. He seemed to understand and I suggested he start at home and look at the way he talked to me and Huffle first and foremost. He said he would try very hard. I also asked him to apologise to his teacher which he said he would. I speak to her regularly at swimming so he knows I can check. It's very difficult because his teacher does not have a good reputation, a lot of the parents don't like her and the general consensus is that she doesn't want to teach anything other than her subject of Art and doesn't put the effort in. But at the end of the day it isn't up to us or Small to decide whether she is any good at it or not, it is up to the Principal and the School Board. We don't want Small getting into trouble because others bad mouth her. Hopefully he will try hard. He has certainly been trying with us this evening which is a start.

Huffle came home and we all had dinner. The boys cleared the table for us and Huffle and I went on a Easter Egg Bucket Hunt. The boys' Easter Buckets, which they collected Grandmas Easter eggs in when they were here, had completely vanished. We looked everywhere. In the end we found them in the barn. Naughty Grandad had been putting nails in there. I text him earlier to ask if Grandma knew where they were as well and they didn't!!

It is the Hamlets AGM Meeting tonight and neither Huffle or I went. We know we should and some of the issues arising are regarding the new development. I am tired after not sleeping so well last night, Huffle only got home at 6pm, by the time we have eaten dinner, cleared away, played with the kids, hunted the buckets, read and tucked in the boys we are shattered. Besides, we are quite enjoying having some time to ourselves for a change. Still, I guess we will be in trouble for not attending but I'm sure not everyone will be there. Maybe they won't notice (except Mr Royal is the Chairman).

Yesterday we moved a bird feeder and a small bird bath near the front door. Today the Blue Jays have been eating and washing there.

It's great because I can see them through the front door. I can't wait till we're sitting on the porch and all the birds visit, however, I did spot a chipmunk trying to eat a tulip bulb earlier, that's not good! Grandad, what can we do about that?



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