Friday, 5 April 2013

The Invisible Man

More snow. Lots of flurries, not really settling but after yesterday's beautiful sunny day, the temperature has dropped considerably. PAH!

I woke up with a headache this morning that stayed till the afternoon and I just felt soooo tired all day. Possibly the overindulgence of exercise yesterday. My body aches!

Small DID get double money from the Fairy for his tooth so Grandma WAS right after all. He went off to school leaving Smallest and me at home. Small had a shower this morning and after he had gone, I went into the bathroom to prepare a shower for Smallest. This is what greeted me.

Smallest and I have laughed about this all day. It reminded me of the invisible man or the incredible shrinking man.

After showers and a general tidy, and a tent built in the living room out of three blankets, two chairs and a sofa, we went off to Knitting.

Smallest was very happy at this because it meant he could play on the IPad, which of course has been taken away from the boys indefinitely! Small was not pleased when he heard. We had a few new people there today, one even a younger person with young children. Smallest was very well behaved and I didn't hear a peep out of him, but because of my head, I decided to leave before 12. We came home and had lunch.

Ring Pops should be banned.

This afternoon we played in the tent, with the castle, built three puzzles, played catch, smallest read to me while I crocheted and he played on the Computer.

Small came home complaining of a tummy ache and a blocked nose. The kids had their snacks and we went off to get petrol and then to swimming. Small didn't swim as he didn't feel well enough. Smallest was in a new class with a different teacher and five other kids. He didn't get to swim as much as before as there were more in the class but he enjoyed it and he swam well.

We came home, Huffle was already there with our dinner cooking. Small (miraculously recovered) and Smallest (very cuddly and tired) played in the basement while Huffle and I carried on with the KubKar. There are rules to how much weight can be added. The weights have to be flush with the bottom of the car. You can't do this, you can do that! It has to weigh no more than 145g on THEIR scales and so far it weighs 142g on our digital scales. Ridiculous. It races on Sunday.

I was given a book by NoCustard the other day (she used to be a Kindergarten Teacher). It is called 'How to talk so kids will listen......'. I have been trying out the techniques and they work. However Smallest said to me this evening "can you please stop talking like that and go back to your shouting, it's annoying!". So funny!


My favourite photo from the Telegraph. These lambs from UK have been given woolly jumpers to keep them warm. Huffle doesn't like this photo. He doesn't think animals should wear clothes. It bothers him!



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