Sunday, 28 April 2013

Working 'Ard

Smallest came in to us at 1am complaining of a very sore eye. "Why can't I get the thing out that is stuck in my eye?" He said. We gave him medicine, cuddled him in our bed and then tucked him back in his own bed. I was quite worried he might have scratched his eye badly and was half expecting a trip to the Walk-In surgery this morning. However, when we got up, he was fine. His toe didn't hurt anymore, in fact he had forgotten which toe was hurt and his eye was better. PHEW. The boys had breakfast in front of the TV and Huffle and I had breakfast al fresco in the sunshine. We sat and listened to the Cardinal calling for Grandad "peter, peter, peter, peter" HE'S GONE HOME, SORRY MR CARDINAL. We even managed a walk down the garden to discuss Grandad's plans. A golf net, a leaf compost bin, reduce hedge on one side, raspberry beds, apple tree, finish fence, paint jungle Gym - is that it Grandad, or was there more?

The boys got themselves ready for their '10,000 trees for the Rouge' and with bucket, shovel, gloves and Wellies, they were picked up by the Cubs Leader for some serious tree planting. Huffle and I decided to make a new bed (garden) in the front.

We have left space for a path between the new and old. It was very warm and extremely hard work but we cleared the grass, Huffle moved it to the back near the veg beds as we don't want the grass growing round there (too hard to mow in between), dug it all through, placed the plants and stopped for lunch on the porch and a part game of scrabble.

Grandma and Grandad arrived home safely with only 6 hours of plane time which is incredible. We can only assume the wind (from Grandad?) pushed the plane faster which was good because it was delayed anyway.

Once we had finished lunch we carried on planting up the new bed. Lots of plants that we bought yesterday and last week. It looks great and will soon be filled out with colour. We added a solar lamp and a stone mushroom.


We were just clearing away and were about to relax before the boys came home when Cub Leaders car pulled into the drive and they were home. They planted their plants we bought them last week (Winky Red and Winky Blue, Toto and Pig Squeak), we packed everything away, gave the plants a good water and moved into the back.

The boys were full of their adventure about planting trees. Only two cubs turned up today, Small and Cub Leaders son. There were a lot of Beavers though. They worked very hard and enjoyed it. They would like to go back in twenty years to see how they have grown.

We played Boules, football and then planted some sunflower seeds and Rudbeckia. We will be having a sunflower growing competition to see who can get the tallest. Smallest is the only one who hasn't planted any yet!

We moved our small bird bath to the front and a bird feeder, cleared all toys and stuff away and came in for dinner. Small had a shower, they played on the computer and then we ate. We were all hungry, we have worked hard today.

Huffle soaked his poor aching back in a bath, I knitted and the boys watched TV and ate Smallest's cake. I had a bath and then the boys went to bed. Back to normal again, Huffle and I reading at bedtime, the kettle getting a rest from Grandmas constant tea making, the smells not so bad now there are only three smellies left!



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