Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Huffle went to work, tired and still poorly. Small went off to school (last night he came downstairs to say it hurt when he breathed out, not in or when he talked, just out! We gave him a drink and sent him back to bed).

Smallest and I stayed at home with the intention of bike riding, however, it rained ALL DAY. So we played on the computer, read, made a den/tent,

............sat in the den/tent, did some washing, and drying. We skyped Yahoo but the signal kept going off and Moo skyped us. She is still not feeling well and was coughing madly everytime we made her laugh.

I have been chatting (via Skype And WhatsApp) to Yahoo all day. She is very funny and makes me laugh a lot. We have had some really funny videos and audio clips going back and forth. *One of our texts was me saying "blah blah but not blah blah" and my silly phone changed the words but not to BUG NOG! It caused much hilarity. Later on Grandad also installed the app and we were chatting too.

We went for a walk in the rain, Smallest scooted. He got very wet and muddy. We jumped in the puddles. We met Smallest's Beavers Leader on the way and he said "you must be used to this weather!" What does he mean?

Smallest and I hiding in the barn......smallest scooting at the end of a huge puddle.......our Wellies

Smallest and I (a big wet drip went down my top as I took the photo.........smallest scooting through a puddle

We scooted almost to the end of our road and then turned round and came back. Smallest found a very big puddle to stand in.....

Smallest scooting...... Me splashing.... Reflections in a deep puddle.....

huge puddle nearly over Smallest's Welly... Hamlet's field

Once Smallest had got dry and got new clothes on, we went to the supermarket.

Rant time. Smallest and I went to a supermarket for raspberries and milk. It was raining heavily. Two people came out of the shop without coats and I felt sorry for them, so I stopped and let them cross (no crossing I was being kind), they crossed without a thank you or even a smile. I went to park the car and an old lady was pushing her trolley (cart) and getting wet so I let her carry on and stopped for her, though she was very slow, she carried on without a thank you or even a smile, then continued to the only empty car park space I was near and proceeded to stop there so I couldn't park. So I patiently waited till she had moved, no Thank you or even a smile. As I walked through the car park in the rain with Smallest, cars were just pulling out, not looking, not mindful of us walking in the rain. People bump your trolley in the supermarket, no-one says anything. This is supposed to be a polite country. It is supposed to be well known for the over politeness, well I haven't heard any of it not since we have been here. I am appalled. I have spoken to Drew about this before (she is a proud Canadian). She thinks it is due to the ever increasing Immigrants. I understand what she means, people from other countries come over here to live, they aren't polite or probably not what we call polite, others are to polite back and so on and so on. The English (or British) seem extremely polite in comparison. I was brought up to say please and thank you, without exception. Okay, rant over.

Huffle is having a name the baby competition at work and needed a baby photo of himself. Grandad sent me some.

LEFT: Huffle (now I see where Smallest get his crazy hair from) 2ndCousin, Uncle Grump

Uncle Grump, Grandma Ic, Huffle (as AndyPandy he he)

Grandma Ic, Blankie, Huffle, Rupert, Uncle Grump

RIGHT: Huffle (looks like Small)

Huffle (looks like Smallest).


Smallest played in the tent until Small came home and they played together. I had a cup of tea,put the shopping away, carried on chatting to Yahoo, Skyped Grandma, Grandad and Madamme Courvoissier and discussed which Lemon Curd they should bring seeing as how Grandad bought the wrong ones!!! (Not that I am not eternally grateful for the lemon curd bringing in the first place).

Huffle came home armed with pipes and extensions for pipes. We have had a lot of rainfall and snowmelt recently and he is worried the direction of the water is aiming for the basement, so he is trying to guide it away. He got to briefly talk to Grandma and Grandad.

We had dinner, discussed all the events that are happening with Cubs and the boys tidied up their tent and watched TV until bedtime.




Aunt Pear said...

Lovely to see th photos, gave me a smily start to the day, thankyou. x

famfa said...

You're welcome - any time x