Friday, 26 April 2013

That were a prat of a thing to do!

Last night after the kids had gone to bed, we played cards. Crazy Eights followed by Stop the Bus. Grandad sat next to Grandma and played a silly card. Her words were the title! Naughty Grandma.

TOP: Grandad's Breakfast

BOTTOM: Small's Breakfast

This morning everyone was up early as we had to get out of the house for 9:30 ish. Small went off to school and Smallest watched from the bottom of the drive (with a look of 'ahhhh I wish I was going too, Small!' On his face). Huffle had a big meeting today with the company's No1, so Smallest helped him to get ready.

He shined his shoes for him and then did Grandmas too

We managed to all get out and in the car for 9:30 which Huffle was very pleased about. However, ten minutes up the road and Grandad noticed Smallest's footwear and pointed them out quietly to me! Had we been going anywhere else but the Beach, I would have ignored it but a pair of Wellies is not appropriate beachwear especially when the sun is shining beautifully. So, much to Huffle's disdain, he turned the car around and Smallest jumped out and grabbed his trainers! We were still early, the traffic wasn't too bad today. Huffle dropped us off at The Beaches, just on the outskirts of Downtown, Toronto, then went back to Downtown for his meeting. Today he was finding out about his Boss leaving and what that meant for his office.

The Beaches was lovely. Lots of rows of lovely shops and cafes. A really big long beach and a boardwalk that went on for miles. There were lovely houses, some small, some much larger with pretty little gardens. All very individual looking. Some were rented places. They were very quaint.

We walked on the beach for a while and the wind was chilling, so we walked back up to the Main Street and went into a breakfast cafe. There, Smallest decided he was ready for breakfast number two and had a two smallish pancakes with syrup. They were lovely and Grandad and I helped him a little.

After we had warmed we walked to Kew Gardens and to the park there. Smallest loved it. There was a big bowl shape where normally fountains would spurt in the summer and Smallest scooted around it like a Professional.

RIGHT: ahhhhhhh

LEFT: Scootay King

Smallest thought the park was great and didn't want to leave. He wanted to know if we could come back tomorrow.

Finally we got him off the park and explored a bit more of the beach and the boardwalk. Just as we got onto the Boardwalk, Huffle rang to say his meeting was finished and had gone well. He has a new line to report to and everything is well and good. He is happy. Smallest scooted backwards and forwards along the boardwalk and the concrete cycling path.

We could see the CN Tower and Downtown buildings in the distance. It was a lovely walk and we will definitely come back. We bumped into Huffle who had parked not too far away.

Smallest found another park and then we went in search of dinner. We found a Firkin pub and had some lovely food whilst watching the London Tri-Athalon. I don't know when it was but it looked a lovely sunny day.

TOP: Huffle and Grandad catching up with today's events. And Me! The sun always shines in the righteous!
BOTTOM: a peek of the CN Tower and a fire hydrant!

We walked back along the boardwalk and towards the car and then drove home.

left Top: Building, we liked the look of the glass on the top floor.

Left Bottom: coming out of Toronto

Top Right: where we parked our car, there was a skip with a leg in it!!

Bottom Right: Leaving Toronto

We got back with five minutes to spare before Small came home on the bus. The traffic was worse on the way home.

A quick snack, a quick cup of tea and then Huffle, Grandma, Grandad and the kids went swimming. Well the kids had their swimming lessons and the rest watched.

When they got home, Small had his soup, Smallest had a sandwich and huffle took Grandad off for an evening of boozing with his old pal Quiche who is English but now lives in Canada, 30 minutes away from us.

Grandma, Huffle and I played cards and ate our way through bits and bobs. We had a thoroughly good evening, shame Grandad missed it.




Aunt Pear said...

Looked a lovely place, great scooting Smallest. With Huffle's good news, grandad out boozing and good cards for those left at home, sounds pretty good day all round. x

AA said...

Pleased to hear Huffle's job is all okay, they must like him!


ps That's not Kew Gardens!!