Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bad boys whatcha gonna do?

The boys fight a lot but at the end of the day, they hate to be apart for too long. This is them snuggled up on the sofa watching TV last night.


....and this was them this evening.

All the boys went off today. No exercise class or forest walking for me as I have pulled a hamstring (gardening on Tuesday!). So I spent the day sorting, clearing, cleaning, tidying, mopping, swiffing, knitting and cooking. (And a bit of text chatting to various people).

When the boys came home I made them tidy their rooms so I could clean their floors and then they went in the shower. Smallest played on his DS and Small helped me to add spinach to his soup. Huffle came home and we all ate dinner. Huffle and I played a couple of table tennis games. Apparantly Grandad isn't bringing his big coat and they haven't packed their boots because they couldn't fit them in. WHOOPS.

It's been a funny day today. I was in all day and although I took regular breaks and did a bit of knitting and eating in between cleaning, by the time Huffle came home, I was fed up. So I went out for a walk to get some air, clear my head and try and work my hamstring a bit.

The weather has been even stranger today. I took a photo this morning to show how the snow had nearly gone.

...then five minutes later....

It started snowing.....

Within half and hour, it was getting heavier.

Then after an hour, Huffle text me to ask if it was snowing. Yes, see above.

It fell very quickly and settled. Before lunchtime the road was covered, however by afternoon it had started melting. Bloomin' wet cold stuff.


Today's observation

Marriage isn't such a big thing here. And if people do get married, the women don't bother changing their name. Apparantly it's too much trouble changing all those documents. I don't remember it being that difficult. Doesn't it make it confusing for the kids? Maybe I am old fashioned. To be fair, if my maiden name had been a fabulous one (no offence Mrs Rumbleskins), maybe I would have insisted on keeping it. I was plagued as a child with "how do you spell it?" "Is that with an 'h'?". So I was happy to change my name. I like the fact that we all have the same surname in this house, plus it makes it easier for post/mail surely. I have seen mailboxes with two names on. Confusing? Am I wrong? Is marriage not so big all over or just in Canada?


A lovely photo of Venice sent by The Royals. Nice.



Aunt Pear said...

Having different names isn't that much of a problem, we managed fine, kids don't really notice. Hope snow goes quickly for G&G. Lovely photo of Venice, gorgeous sky. When I went, got moved on by cops for eating sandwiches on wall of St Marks Basilica!

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Well that's a bit of a sore point for me because I wouldn't mind being plain old Mrs R. I was.never attached to my surname either. People would always pronounce that first 's' with a 't.' Hope it warms up for you soon. Weather is stunning here at the moment, 27 degrees, beautiful blue skies. Sorry.

AA said...

I agree with Aunt Pear, having different names never make any difference to me. I grew up fine.....

I which our wet stuff was white like yours. Ours is just wet.