Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Oooooh me bones!

There was a storm last night. The thunder shook our house. I didn't see a lot of lightning but I know it was there! We lit a few candles just in case and watched The Voice (the American one with Shakira, Usher). Huffle didn't sleep well again but his nose did stop running. When we went to bed, small had a nose bleed which we think had something to do with the pressure being so high. It rained in the night and was so windy we were surprised the house was still standing this morning.

Huffle stayed at home again today. Small and Smallest went off to school in Wellies - it was soggy but much warmer. I went off to work, also in Wellies (rubber boots).

I had a lot of comments about my boots today. As soon as I walked into the greenhouse where they were busy replanting Tomatoes, I was sent up to the house to start work on the Vegetable Garden. HURRAH. Four of us worked really hard. My back, legs and feet hurt. It was harder than one of my new classes of Yoga or Circuit Training. The garden came into shape pretty quickly and we all stopped at 10:30 for a well needed double coffee and a super chocolate brownie. Then after our sugar and caffeine fix we got back on with it. We cut back all the dead stuff.

Look at this amazing seed head!

The owner has two new kittens and we watched them playing outside for their first time out. One climbed a magnolia tree and another nearly fell in the pond. I am not a cat lover, but they were very funny. They were called Canna and Calla after the Lilies. Not long after 12:00, I gave in and came home with two free Rosemary Plants.

I had lunch with Huffle and we watched a Celebrity Juice - very funny. I started to seize up and Huffle wanted to tire himself out so he would sleep, so we walked down the garden, checking the plants coming through and picking up debris from the storm.

Huffle being a Moose


Aunty A skyped us while we were in the garden but the signal wasn't great and she gave up in the end. I do know she said something about her weather being Damp and Grey and it reminded her of me! Thanks.

I finished off painting the dado rail that I started yesterday and went around the paintwork touching up bits here and there, vacuumed the loft stairs and did a final stain. It killed my back and knees so once I finished I stretched out with a walk to the Beer Store for some paintbrush Cleaner (Mineral Spirits). I had a sneaky jump in the puddles on the way.

We got tidied up and showered before the noisy boys came home. Small came in and did his homework and Smallest played basketball. Huffle and I made dinner. The boys favourite dinner (if you didn't know) is Turkey Meatballs and whenever I make them, I always make Beetballs for me, using whatever veg I have. They are different everytime. Every now and then I make fabulous ones, the last time was when AA was here. Today was a fabulous one also, I know I probably shouldn't say that about my own cooking, but they were good! Courgette, red onion, carrot, mushroom, leeks, cheese, egg, breadcrumbs. Then I did a tomato and pesto sauce, ummmm ummmmmm.

Small went off to Cubs. Tonight they were supposed to be at the creek racing their boats (Or duck in Small's case). However, it started raining very heavily so they postponed it and are giving out badges tonight. Smallest watched TV. We played Millionaire Deal Monopoly and then Huffle and I played two weary games of Table Tennis. Smallest went to bed and Huffle went to fetch Small from Cubs. He got presented with three badges. Cooking, home helping and the Law Enforcement. He was very excited about a camp coming up in June where he gets to go away for the weekend and he has to have a blanket which he can cut a hole in and put his head through like a poncho! (No punctuation because he didn't breathe all the way through his retelling).

Who could this dashing pair be? How young?

My proof-reader (Huffle) didn't do a great job yesterday but I forgive him because he is ill. He let me write about the BOG thinking it was Mrs Rumbleskins birthday. She mentioned that in Oz, bog is a toilet, yes it is in UK too - though not sure about Canada.


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Everett said...

I hope Huffle is feeling better.

Very dashing photograph of G&G - have a good journey.

Everett XXXX