Saturday, 20 April 2013

It didn't snow and he wasn't asleep!

Huffle and Grandad had a good time at the baseball, they especially liked the paper aeroplane incident, where the crowd got out of hand flying the planes onto the pitch. Sounds like a bunch of pansies to me! I remember being in Milan watching the football and having flares thrown at us!

When we woke up this morning, there had been snow. SNOW! Come on! It's bloomin' Spring. Despite the snow, Grandad and Huffle went out and painted the fence. It was very cold, it was snowing and it was windy. However, Grandad said it wasn't snowing! Definitely! Where had that snow come from that was covering his back then? Silly Grandad, and silly Huffle for joining him!

TOP: Is that snow on Grandad's back? Now that must be snow on the fence!

BOTTOM: these photos works better if you can picture them painting to the music of Mambo Number five (as in The Royal Family).

The big boys working. Huffle in the snow. Grandad in the snow.

Late morning we drove to Toad Hall to watch the auctions.

It was more fun trying to decipher the auctioneer (with the microphone) and watching people bidding. One man was bidding against himself! I tried to get Grandad to scratch his head to see if he could win a bid! Huffle was pointing to a door showing me where the horses came through and I told him he had made a bid!!

It is was in a barn in the Hamlet. It was really warm and there were a lot of people. The auctioneer spoke very fast but Smallest said he could understand him. There were no horses for sale today, just saddles, horse equipment and horse related stuff. We stayed for a while watching and listening and then drove to the Country Market. Because it was so cold (and intermittently snowing) there were no sellers outside so we went inside. We wanted to show G&G some real Canadian experiences. The first seller had belts hanging on a rack. Huffle and Grandad joked about the belts and Small took a belt off and walked over towards us (just a few steps away). The man who owned the stall barked "bring it back here!" We sent Small back and I went over and said, "he was only showing us, sorry". He said "I know he wasn't stealing it but he shouldn't have walked away with it". He was very grumpy. I said "okay, he's put it back now". Grandma wanted to punch him! The place was full of crocs of all colours, sizes and shapes. Wellies, sandals, fluffy, plastic - all sorts. While we were looking at the tee-shirts and hoodies the kids were playing amongst the clothes hanging up and some of the tee-shirts fell off the rail. A woman came up and told them off but in a nice ish way (she winked at me as she was telling them off), but they did listen to her and stopped. When we walked past her, she said to me " sorry I had to scold them, I don't think they knew they were knocking them off". I said it was fine and they needed to be told. She thanked me. Now that's better! Grandad met a man on the tee-shirt stall who was from Guyana and very friendly.

We came away without anyone else being told off, picked up some grapes on the outside market and got in the car before we turned into snowmen! The Thrifty store was next where we purchased a mirror made from an old window and Pictionary Junior. Grandad tried on a coat (because thats what he does!).

Smallest listening to Elmo sing..Grandad's new coat? Can he fit Smallest in there too?

Smallest being an old man.........small fits in Grandad's new coat too!


Next we went to the consignment store. Our coffee table is still there and we are still considering it. There wasn't anything else in there we wanted. Home Depot was next where we picked up some more fence stain. Of course Grandad would have to wait until we get a rain storm, a tornado or a snow blizzard before he can finish the painting! By the time we finished in there, we were hungry (it was coming up to 4pm and we hadn't eaten yet!). We made our way to Frankie Tomattoes for a Birthday Celebration Dinner for Smallest (a bit late but he asked for it!).

We were one of the few tables in first so all the food was nice and fresh and plentiful. Smallest ate more than I have ever seen him eat. Small ate as much as he always eats and then a bit more. I didn't think I ate as much but was very full. Huffle and I managed to sneak a few cakes out for high tea later. The staff came and sang to Smallest, put a crown on his head, a tomato balloon on his thumb and gave him a cake with a candle on. He loved it.

LEFT: Putting his crown on...
Blowing out his candle
Making his balloon static
Drunk on too much cake!
RIGHT: the birthday boy
LEFT: Small plays with the Tomato Balloon
Smallest drunk on ice-cream
Huffle's stash of cakes
RIGHT: Grandma and the boys
Grandad and Huffle

TOP: Frankie Tomattoes

BOTTOM: Us all outside Frankie's - it's snowing Grandad!

Off we went to home. Huffle, Grandad and Smallest sped on ahead. I half expected to see Grandad outside painting the fence when we pulled onto the drive (it was snowing you see!). He didn't go out again but I bet he will be out there tomorrow, whatever the weather! (I think I may have said enough about Grandad and the snow now!!!!! Smallest had fallen asleep in the car on the way home but when we went to get him out, he definitely hadn't fallen asleep - oh he must be from the school of Grandad!!!!

We sat and had a cup of tea, looked at photos, Small watched wrestling and Smallest read to Grandma.

The boys went to bed and we ate the cakes we stole and watched some more of the Sherlock Holmes film. Grandma went to bed early because she was falling asleep.




Aunt Pear said...

Betty Brownie would have been proud of your "stash" (or correctly named "stolen" cakes.... Shame on you. Might give Frankie Tomatoes a ring. Sounded like a good day, other than Grandad's invisible snow. Hope it warms up, we had beautiful day yesterday. Tell Grandma the important plant has lost a leaf, it doesn't look well....oh dear, morale of the story, don't leave plants with me!

AA said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun, and making good use of Grandad!
I was surprised this morning when I woke to find the London marathon start's just past the end of my street. I thought there were more helicopters than usual!!


tonybbb said...

Hi There
It looks like my Granddad is really enjoying himself . Alun and I really hope he’s spending lots of his easy earned money on the kids. We all know how hesaves all his money for his big adventure in Canada because he never spends it in the pub with us. Hope he,s looking after Grandma too
Looks like you having a great time enjoy it and see you when you get back

“Love you my Granddad” and give my love to Grandma