Thursday, 25 April 2013

Huffle I Shrunk yer Mom

Every night, before Huffle and I go to bed, we check on the boys. Last night as we looked in on Smallest, he was halfway down his bed, top off and snoring lightly. I gently tried to move him back up to his pillow and he looked up and said "piggies". Then as we were leaving his room I said 'goodnight' and he replied "piggies". What a funny fellow he is!

Today the forecast said Rain Rain Rain. However, when we got up this morning it was a beautifully sunny day. So, Grandad decided to stay behind and finish his jobs and Grandma and I went shopping.

Mr Royal and Prince came back with our ladder that they had borrowed the other day. We chatted and Grandad showed them the Bug Houses he was making. We have decided to market Grandad's Bug Houses and have made this advertisement which will be stuck to all the lamp posts in Upper Hamlet.

Grandma and I went to a Strip Mall (lots of shops - no stripping involved!). We visited Marshalls, Winners, Homesense (all practically the same shop), a shoe shop, Target (which has just arrived in Canada), and then because we had done so well with our shopping, we treated ourselves to a lovely meal at lunchtime in an Italian Restaurant. It was wonderful.

I had a Pizzetta (a small pizza) and a big salad. Grandma had a Chicken Parmigiana Panini. LOVELY. The waiter was nice and didn't hurry us. We will definitely be going back. The kids would love it.
Whilst shopping, we saw this sign.........
Love it!
Whilst stopping for a drink we saw these..................

Would never be allowed in England. Everyone here takes their coffees into the shops. No-one stops to relax with their drinks.

We picked up a few things as presents and then got Grandad's list of things. When we got home the kids were playing on the computer. Grandad finished his houses off and hung them nicely. C'mon insects, come in and pollinate!

Careful Grandad


Grandma has realised that drinking wine DOES make you live longer but possibly makes you shrink.

While we were in the restaurant this lunchtime, she sat down and seemed to disappear before my eyes. She said the seats were low but I was sitting on the same type and I didn't disappear! I wondered if she had a short body, I mean her short arms don't reach the utensil hanger in our kitchen! In our pantry we have the boys' heights recorded and we did mark down Grandma and Grandad's height last time they were here. They personally don't think they have shrunk, but I'm not so sure!!

We all had dinner. Small finished his homework then watched TV. Huffle has been summoned to Toronto office tomorrow (despite the fact it is his day off). He has been reassured his job is safe. As I listened to him telling Grandad about how his job was okay and his position in the company safe, I got a feeling of déjà vu. When we were in England, I remember him coming home saying "don't worry, they wont get rid of me", and then arriving home with a redundancy letter. This time it is different. He assures me!!! We are not sure whether we are all going Downtown tomorrow.


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Aunt Pear said...

Fingers xd for Huffle, but hopefully his instincts good this time. Could u email me so I can relax? x