Thursday, 18 April 2013

30 perchance

Small and Smallest went to school today. Huffle had already gone off to work as I awoke and slept intermittently, thinking he was still in bed when it was a rolled up pair of PJ's on his pillow!

Grandad continued on the front garden after breakfast and I carried on with the vegetable beds.

I finished bed one, two and three and prepared bed four and wheeled three loads of leaf mould soil from the bottom of the garden to the veg beds. I got called in for a cup of tea and then helped Grandad chop down the dead bits of the Juniper while I held the rope attached to the branch.


We were very safe. He also chopped the dead bits of the big pine. The whole of the front is bursting with new life now and lots of bulbs are shooting through. It looks lovely.


Grandad has done a wonderful job.


Grandma skyped Truly Scrumptious and we got to see her new Ducks - ahh lovely, I need ducks too!

It was nice to talk to her and I promised to Skype her again soon so we could catch up.

Once we had tidied up, we had a quick sandwich and then drove to a hardware shop to buy wood stain as Grandad wanted to stain the fence and gate.

Checking out some stuff we might get to replace the pool fence. Grandad and the girl next door.

We popped to the Tire on the way home. We realised , as we were passing the school, that it was nearly end of school time, so we parked at the back of school and walked across the field. We picked up smallest and Small and took them home. They played out in the garden while Grandma and I had a cup of tea and then mended the goal net. Grandad started staining the fence.

Grandad, the boys and I went to the Beer store for supplies. Grandma and I made Pizza for dinner. Huffle came home and we all ate.

It has been threatening to be stormy all day and so far it has held off. However, there are black clouds looming and Huffle's head is telling him 'there is a storm on the way' ooooohhhhhhhhhhh!

Grandad, Huffle and I played Table Tennis.


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Aunt Pear said...

Well done Grandad, glad they keeping you busy in the garden and Grandma in the kitchen! HB home poorly so that's me sorted for weekend.